Saturday, July 19, 2008

In The Raw For Real (7): Crystal

Crystal Films is well known for the grudge brawls they have produced along the years, with girls tearing apart clothes and everything else that they can get hold of. However, there have been some competitive naked fights produced by them, as this clip testifies. And the fight looks promising! Unfortunately, besides the few frames in the clip with the title, I do not have any additional information.


  1. Interesting this one as very few girls seem able to take part in a bout for real when naked.The other point being I wonder if you know how old this clip is?I ask because if you view most recent works the girls are at the very least well trimmed below decks.

  2. Good point, my friend, although they don´t seem very familiar with the art of wrestling, they go at each other without any shyness.
    Your other comentary is very funny. One day we will see anthropologists establishing the age a woman has lived based on her shaving style...
    I agree with you: it seems an old style in the clip. But definitely I don´t know when the fight was shot. I guess it is ten years old at least and filmed in some part of Central Europe (the referee is not talking in English, isn´t he?) with amateurs.

  3. Great! Aggressive and explosive
    naked female wrestling is the most
    exciting sport in the world.
    Unfortunately very rare. In my
    opinion only DWW, Festelle and
    Woman Worriors have made good
    ones. This clip is perhaps from
    Amazonic girls from Poland.
    I´m not sure.

  4. I have found the match! Go to Then go to the
    studio "Amazons and giantesses
    from Russia". The clip is from
    the match "wrestling in Poland 2".

  5. Thanks for the information. The link for the clips4sale is here: