Monday, June 30, 2008

In the Raw for Real (6): Beka

I already told you that the first video of naked women fighting I could watch was one from Festelle in this blog entry. But the first picture I saw of a match in the raw has been from a fight from Beka, the producer from Germany, and that some time before the naked video. And I liked the pictures.

So, I was anxious when I had the opportunity to watch for the first time a full video from Beka. I have to confess that I got disappointed. The fighters were nude, they were attractive if not stunning, they wanted victory, the fight was not scripted, but... it was boring! Maybe they lacked some viciousness, maybe it was the... boots! That caused me a strange impression: why those fully unclothed girls had to use shoes? To avoid a cold in the harsh German winter?

Along the time, I had the opportunity of watching other Beka videos, like the ones below, shot in a gym, with no boots at all! But unfortunately the boredom was the same.

Beka is not active anymore. Should you like them, you can find most of their productions at Amazonen Sports, in the GM film series. They are also available at the Bavarian Wildcats store.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Theater One Rotation

Theater One now exhibits the "Slippery When Wet" show. Oil? Mud? Jelly? Shaving cream? Pasta sauce? you are going to find all types of wet and greasing substances which can coat women bodies and making the wrestling... well, slippery.

Point of view: I am not really a fan of this stuff: it may cover much of women bodies and it is never competitive.

Question: which substance these two are fighting on? Gold syrup?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Big Ones in Two Colors

The Theater Four: Big Ones is based on YouTube videos; so, nobody can watch what the haphazardness of censorship there blocks out. While this blog is allowed to present adult content, I have uploaded a topless clip with a match between two powerhouses of muscle wrestling: Dayana Cadeau and Charlene Rink.

As in many matches involving strong women, the pace is slow and you do not see a large variety of holds. Strength is the name of the game and the sweatness in the fighter´s bodies show that.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fighting Star (5): Lee Price has posted this clip where I have recognized a very young Lee Price fighting in a Joan Wise production. Since she has an household name in women wrestling, it was easy to decide to dedicate a blog entry to her.
In fact, I do not have much data on her, except she is 5´7" tall and a natural blonde, who used to have a defined and slim body as you can see in the first clip against a black wrestler whose name is unknown to me.

(Note: After publishing the post, was gone and I will have to find a replacement for the above mentioned video.)

Lee Price had a long career, with fights for the aforementioned Joan Wise, and also for Jaguar, TPC, MassMuscle, Women Warriors, Womans World Video and others. She was brave and not afraid of fighting against heavier women like Tigra and Lee Trevelyan, even being subdued in most cases. In fact, in the clip below, you can see her against a merciless Trevelyan.

And, from productions shot much time later, you can watch a mature Lee Price in a combat against Beatrice Goffin here and against Jasmine here, both from videos of Women Warriors.
Another plus for Lee Price is the fact she was not shy in participate in the erotic side of wrestling.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wrestling for Adults

The idea of mixing wrestling and porn was already briefly mentioned here. Other companies besides B.L.O.W. have followed this, let us say, "market niche". Women Warriors, for example, had some fights finishing with a smother scene led by the winner. Or DWW with its tribadism series.

I believe Academy was one of the pioneers in the sex wrestling arena with its SOAP series, whose sample clip we can watch below. In that, the winner has the right to use the loser at will, preferably with some plastic gadget like a dildo. SOAP wrestlers are voluptuous and the wrestling per se is very friendly.


However, the producer who has taken that to the extreme is Ultimate Surrender. They are focused only on this segment, having fights with elaborate point counting rules, sophisticated camera work and beautiful girls. And the outcome,which occupies a hefty part of the show, is always a lesbian dominance scene.



Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lightweight Sumo

You certainly have heard of sumo, the ancient japanese martial art, where two wrestlers try to throw the opponent to the mat or to push him off the ring. Weighting above 300 pounds, they fight dressing only a silk loincloth, called mawashi.
The scarce outfit gives a chance to the sumo girls in the clip below to show off more pleasant bodies than the ones portrayed by the giant professionals. Of course, the fight is not that serious and there is a lot of smiles. But, who cares?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Black on Black

There are a good number of women interracial fights to watch on the Web but combats of a black woman against another black woman I could not find many. There were some specialized producers, like the Nubian Wrestling Association and the Black Catfighter Media, but they have closed the doors.

The first clip below is part of a pro-wrestling match of unknown source.

The second clip is from Woman vs Woman and it is a competitive match in bikinis.

The third clip is from Festelle, a competitive and topless fight from the old times.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Helpless Swing

Some call it a Baby Swing, others a Pendulum. Whatever the name, the victim of this hold is helpless. There are some variations - reverse, folded - but the outcome is always a submission.

I have somewhere in my vaults a clip with this hold where the wrestlers are naked. I have to find it. In the meantime, watch this Rumble Roses clip that finishes with a Baby Swing.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

More is Better

If two women fighting is good to see, what about four women fighting? So, Theater Four will show clips of an old tradition of pro-wrestling: the Tag Teams. That should have appeared few minutes (I suppose...) after somebody invented pro-wrestling.

As YouTube does not allow adult stuff viewing, I have uploaded two clips of more exciting bare fighting tag teams, one from Beka and another from Double Trouble.

What about eight women fighting (a Battle Royal, as they use to call that in pro-wrestling)? Or sixteen? Or even more? Subject for another blog article.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Enjoying the Ride

I got this from a friend in YouTube and I found it interesting. It shows a strong blonde doing a schoolgirl pin on a helpless foe. The blonde is so comfortable on top of the other chest and arms that she can adjust the swimsuit, relax, talk about the future and literally... enjoy the ride.

Friday, June 20, 2008

In the Raw for Real (5): DWW

The today´s producer of real fights in the nude is DWW, probably the most diversified outlet of women combat videos nowadays. Their fights may vary in intensity and displayed skills, but no one disputes the beauty and sexy bodies of their athletes.

The following clip has a sample of three fights. The first has two of the most sensual girls of DWW - Timea and Lada - and the third an outstanding exhibition of a fierce fight in a apartment.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wrestling Comics

I always have a fondness for simple wrestling comics stories created with pen, ink and a good portion of creative talent. One of these creators was Mark Freelove, who used to work for Bellstone / California Supreme.

He conceived an women´s club, "Societé de Lutte", where females of all ages and sizes meet together for challenges and wrestling championships. The main fixture of these combats were the fact that women wrestled naked.

That kind of production - even in the present era of videos with a lot of bells and whistles - still fascinates me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More of the Same

I have added some new clips to Theater Two: Ceiling Holds, which was less populated than the others. In addition, I have uploaded a non-censored clip - on YouTube terms - of a well applied ceiling hold from a West Coast video.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slide Show Housekeeping

I am fond of anime and manga but it is time to renew the slide show the blog has on the page top right. I have a collection of drawings using a 3D technique which I consider interesting. They are on display in the slide show. Some of them have near-photo quality, like the one below.

The 3D drawing technique gives the cartoon more volume and resemblance to an authentic wrestling photo. Lighting effects also contribute to the fighters likeness to real women.

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Links

All of the new favorite links are related to similar blogs and forums of women fighting. Each one of these sites has its own style, but all of them contribute to disseminate information and images to fans worldwide. Get there and enjoy the ride.

Fighting Star (4): Nadege

Nadege was born in a small island off Africa East Coast, Île de la Réunion (Reunion Island), in 1981 and then moved to Belgium, where she started a prolific wrestling career. In the beginning, she was pretty closed to Beatrice Goffin, her trainer, but soon moved on to pursue her own endeavorments.

Being of slender nature, it is a surprise to find her fighting everybody else in all genres of combats. I would say she has wrestled for all companies of the world: DWW, APL, TaniaKicks, California Wildcats, Femwin: you name it.

She is an outstanding competitive wrestler and I do not remember many defeats of her. She has beaten several stars, like Robin, which we show in one of the clips below.

Besides fighting everybody, she has appeared in every combat type in the catalog: fully competitive, catfight, clothes on, clothes off and ... erotic. Some of the later were blatantly lesbian, as the one against Amy Lewinski for California Wildcats, so it was kind of a surprise to discover she is now in a leave of absence for being... pregnant!

I put together some samples of Nadege appearances. In the first clip, there is a brief interview of Nadege before she extracts a submission from Robin in a fight for Athena2.

In the second one, Nadege demonstrates her catfighting skills beating a bigger opponent - Tweety, in a video from TaniaKicks, which, as far as I know, has shut down the store.

Last but not the least, Nadege faces Xana and shows her erotic side in a video from the DWW tribadism series. BEWARE: THE CLIP CONTAINS SEX SCENES.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Theather Three: Big Wrestlers

"Catfights in the Movies" will rest for a while in the basement and "Big Wrestlers" will take its place. The word big here in the sense of muscular and heavy weight women who happen to practice wrestling. And big they are. They also know holds and techniques, but they usually resort to their sheer strength to get a victory.

Below some pictures from a MassiveMuscleWrestling production that exemplifies the genre.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Female Wrestling List

Just in case you need to know who´s who in female wrestling, here goes another list. There is also a post with more wrestlers here.


Naked Fight Smorgasbord

Smorgasbord is a type of meal, typical of Swedish cuisine, where you have many types of food served in a buffet style. In our fight here, we have eight wrestlers, of all colors, sizes and formats, together in a ring, fighting for the crown, one against each other, without many rules, if any.

I would swear I have recognized Christine Dupree in the middle of the battle.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rough Times for the Famous Ones

Even the stars had to comply with the movie industry savviness which inserted one catfight scene here, another there, in major releases. I suppose the idea found its way in the general audiences and it specially pleased us, experts and fans.

I have selected three samples of such scenes. The first has Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Cardinale in "The Legend of Frenchie King" (1971), a.k.a. "Les Petroleuses".

Then we have Faye Dunaway and Glynis Barber in "The Wicked Lady" (1983).

More recently, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tia Carrere in "True Lies" (1994) have a climax fight in a car chase.

Has that trend disappeared? Why don´t we have Angelina Jolie against Gwyneth Paltrow or Uma Thurman against Halle Berry ???

Thursday, June 12, 2008

In the Raw for Real (4): Tigra Sports Genesis Video

Tigra Sports has produced some real competitive naked fights with strong and voluptuous wrestlers. Christine and Francesca are some of the women who have appeared in these combats in full flesh. Some of their videos are presently available at some of the Clip4Sale stores.

In the first clip, we have Candi vs Francesca and, in the second, Christine Dupree against a fighter I could not identify.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nice Art

Just a nice fighting art to illustrate the day. After all, this blog is a theater. Unfortunately, I could not identify the author.

Watching Without Buying

Where we fans watch our favorite stuff? That is a delicate matter and I hope not being violating copyright rules exposing other creations here. I have tried to show just small production samples in my articles, always indicating the original producer. Anyway, if anybody feels being harmed by that, please, let me know and I will fix the situation.

That was just an introduction to my comment about a venerable institution, the Fighting Females Video Rental Club - FFVRC, more than twenty years old now, that has established an unique service in USA. In the pre-Web times, one have to recur to subscribe mailing lists and buy either by mail or in one of the few existing retail stores. FFVRC has come to fill the gap, offering a reliable rental service where, for a few bucks, one could watch his favorite show without spending his savings.

Even after huge technological and market changes, they are still alive today and using basically the same business model. They are little by little replacing the cumbersome VHS tapes by DVDs, but, whatever the media support, it is its thorough catalog of female fight productions that keep the old customers happy and attract new ones. Regardless if you are a customer or not - they do not operate outside USA - they are worth a visit to get to know FFVRC catalog of treasures.

I will be back to this subject - where to watch? - pretty soon.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

High-Cut Wrestling

In a previous post, I have mentioned one company that shots women fights where wedgies are mandatory. The company is DWW, which has an huge catalog of movies, that recently added a half-dozen fights where the girls sport the highest-cut possible bathing suit.

No much wrestling in that movie series, though, since the goal is put one of the fighters in a compromising position to allow the lycra suits to do their job; i.e., to go up all the way, to the girl shoulder almost, to reveal the crouch.

Below is a sample of one video of that wrestling series, where Orsi B. was chosen as exhibitor and Viktoria as the one to make the things happen. Very teasing.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Gladiatrix Book

You might be interested in this recently released (March 2008) book by Russel Whitfield, about a woman who survives a shipwreck, and then finds herself in a strange country in the year 83 A.D, where she has to use her fighting skills to live in a women gladiators stable.

One can find more information here.

New Link

Just one new link this week, but valuable. It is very likely you already know it but just in case you don´t: the Yahoo group, Ultimate Female Fighting Links, actually a family of groups that goes up to 13, if I am not mistaken, with thousands and thousands of connections to everything related to female fighting.

When Women Fight

If you got curious about the statement entitled "When Women Fight", in the right column just below the slide show, let me tell you that I am not the author. I have found the thought in the Κινημα: Gladiatrix! site and considered it quite interesting. This site is open to debates about the role and meaning of female fights in the movies. I think I can extend that to all types of media: art, photos, sculptures, videos and other forms of representation.

The comment quoted here in the blog has come from a woman, Catherine Colegrove, who wrote a paper on the subject of female fighting for a panel held this year in Chicago.

And a coincidence: one of the papers on the site analyzes the female gladiators of "The Arena" movie, whose star, Pam Grier, has been a theme of an entry in this blog.

A Quickie

If you are you looking for a nice list of female wrestlers, look in here.

What the image above (from Rumble Roses game) has to do with the list? Nothing: it is just fine.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Battle of Stars (0): Robin vs Christine Dupree

I have just found this short clip on YouTube with a competitive (or semi-competitive) bout between our Legend (1): Robin and our Legend (3): Christine Dupree. Christine is stronger and Robin has more skills; I do not know who has taken the upper hand in the fight.

Theater Two: Ceiling Holds

"Grueling Holds" will rest for a while and Theater Two is receiving "Ceiling Holds" in the screen. No much to comment here, just enjoy them.

I have just remember that one person recently put a comment on a YouTube clip that exhibits a ceiling hold, saying it is not a "ceiling hold" but a "suspended surfboard". Either way, the hold keep been in my top ten list.

One more thing: Theater Three, "Catfights in the Movies" has some additions, with catfighting clips in Hindi movies. As mentioned before, we are going to find this allure for the female fight in every culture.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Customized Search Engine

I have added a custom search engine on the right column of the blog. "Another search engine when we have Google ???", you may ask. Here comes the customized: your search will go only through female fighting related web sites - producers, blogs, sellers, etc. Therefore, your search results should be more accurate. It is experimental, so let us see if it is worthwhile to keep.

(09/01/2009 Note: Not active anymore)

Fighting Star (3): Christine Dupree

Her site is still alive, so I believe she is active yet, even being a veteran. I am talking about Christine Dupree, former Penthouse centerfold, large breasts and great attitude. She has done boxing and kickboxing in the beginning, but wrestling has made her fame.

Believe it or not, all photos below are from Christine in her long career.

Christine has done a lot of videos for Double Trouble, like in the clip below from the video where she fought against Coral.

Many of her fights have been of fantasy, or scripted, style. However, Christine has done competitive wrestling also, as in the clip below from a video produced by Women Warriors, where she faced Jacqueline. Impressive submission hold, by the way.

To finish, one photo in full body showing her good form, and a sequence of snapshots of her against Sally McNeil.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Amazing Art of Boris Vallejo

Boris Vallejo has been one the most reputable artists in the world of fantasy illustrations with an erotic tone. Best known by his depictions of naked or half-naked heroic figures, he also has some productions with the female fighting theme. I believe the best known is the picture below, created under a commission he got in 1986 from the Heavy Metal magazine.

The painting below is the only other example I know of Boris incursion on the subject.

It is a pity he has not used more of his talent for creating these colorful and tanned voluptuous women, applied to scenes of bare hands fighting between women. And the expression "bare hands" is on purpose here, because Boris has a lot of material with combats with weapons - mostly swords, and also with prehistoric and fantastic animals. And men. But that is not the subject of this blog.

Boris Vallejo is a native of Lima, Peru, and lives in US since a long time.He and his wife have a site where you can find their works of art.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thongs & Butts

The exposition of women buttocks is so common today that most of us do not pay much attention anymore, unless some outstanding material is being displayed. Wrestling - with its exquisite matchbook pins, spreads and cradles - is an excellent playground to voyeurs.

Sleeperkid - a.k.a. STJ - is a renowned creator and collector of women wrestling holds. Two of three pictures below came from him and all of them demonstrate what I mean.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have told you several blogs ago that I would include some categories of female fights I do not long for just to diversify the subjects and be thorough. One of these matters is boxing. Maybe it is the lack of close contact or else but I do not feel much interest on the sport.

Anyway, I have uploaded some clips. The first it is the best one I could find with the fighters displaying some sexiness - they are topless, and at the same time, fighting with determination and moderate technique. Source is DWW.

The second clip is just for fun: two girls (gorgeous) using head pads fighting in an octagon but with limited skills and will. However, the final and decisive blow is unusual: check it.

And the last clip, as it had to be, is a nude boxing fight! But do not be too eager: the nudity is there, but the boxing stayed with the clothes somewhere else. Festelle is the source.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fighting Cats (3): Crystal

The cats come from Crystal Films today. The outlet is still alive but my favorites venues and production settings - "Hellfire Club" and "The Den of Iniquity" - are not. "Hellfire" was particularly amusing with its garage ambiance and 6x6 feet ring in some New York basement. The somewhat plumpy women, dressed with less than fashionable clothes, right in the beginning of the fight started mangling the opponent with all sorts of blows, holds and pins. After a few minutes, they had ripped off each other dresses and underwear, getting to the state one can see in the clip below.

Most of the time, the referee declared one of the girls the winner, after she battered the other with plenty of energy. Frankly, I miss these styles of female fighting today.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Four´s

More figure four leg holds for you, readers, all in pro-wrestling. By the way, I have not ever seen these moves outside pro fights. In the last clip, the victim manages to get free using an old weapon in female fights.

That´s enough for a rainy Monday...

Few and Good New Links

On our usual Monday links update, there are two or three things worth mentioning.

First is The Grapple Den, a joint in New York City for wrestling fans and action enthusiasts, since they allow the participation of non-professionals. That means mixed wrestling besides female vs female.

Second is Female Fight Review, a wealth of information about video makers and sellers.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Site Visits: Back to Working Now

There is some glitch with SiteMeter and I am not getting traffic information. It worked well for a month and now service has gone away. I will have to find a replacement.

Back to working now!

Theater One: Japan Wrestling

One of the main arenas of female wrestling in the world is Japan. I am replacing Amateur Wrestling in Theater One by a collection of clips on female fighting in that country. Most of them are pro-wrestling and show the variety of styles the Japanese have: from big wrestlers in colorful attires to slim beauties using elaborate holds to extract submissions.

Be patient with long introductions in some clips: the action will be rewarding later on.