Friday, May 22, 2009

Fighting With Loincloths ... Only

Better than the previous post, is the sumo version that DWW put together with the main athletes of her stable in 2004. The loincloths are there but nothing else. We are also spared of the mountains of fat of the male wrestlers and can enjoy the nice variety of bodies DWW women have. Of course, do not expect the fully traditional sumo ritual here: there is no salt over the fighting grounds nor many ceremonies before the pushes and throws.

I have published posts with Japanese women replacing the giants here and here, but I have no information about other companies in the west producing female sumo. Apparently, that was the only probe of DWW in this sport.



  1. sumo can be so sexy if you find the adequate girls and outfit.

  2. These Euro women in loincloths are so incrediby sexy..........please,please can you upload more Euro women in loincloth,s and photo,s also........