Saturday, May 16, 2009

Skill vs Size

I have posted on the subject - small vs big, some days ago but it does not matter: this fight deserves to be mentioned. It has a very slim Nadege against a not that big Grace but quite a few pounds heavier than our Belgium legendary wrestler anyway.

It is a fight from Anne Hurricane videos and it was held in a tournament somewhere in Europe (Belgium ? France ?). It has all the features I like in women wrestling: skill, determination, for real and ... sexyness! Even the referee is sexy!! (who is she?).
(sometimes I have more question marks than information in my posts...)



  1. I have match from the same tournament, I believe , because the same ref , dressed the same way is in it.

    Only thing is in my match ( Xana vs Susie ) she was really annoying , though I agree she is sexy. The match was not a 'pin' match so why she had to be right in the middle of then action, hovering over top of them blocking the camera shots etc I don't know ... I suppose she wanted to be sure she got noticed and in the video, LOL.

    Have no idea who she is ...

  2. Terrific video! Loved it!

  3. Yes, it was Helen Von Mott. Unfortunately she didn't fight in this tourney - not only because of her skill level but also because she was so muich bigger than the rest of the other women - she's probably 5'8" and 150 or so

  4. I love Nadeg and think she's great but her glaring weakness is her lack of martial arts knowledge (for better or for worse)- she allowed herself to be caught in a rear naked choke.

  5. Nadege's speed and agility go a long way to levelling her chances against bigger opponents, although I'd hate to imagine what Von Mott would do if she got hold of her.