Thursday, January 14, 2010

When The Fighting Stars Were Younger (5)

It is not easy to recognize the usually fresh face of Tina under that heavy make-up that puts 4 or 5 years more on her however beautiful she still is. Her catfight adversary, Lynn Marie (a.k.a. Treena) is also ready for a night out and not for a bedroom brawl like the one set by Joan Wise.



  1. What I like about Swedish Tina Antmann is that she wasn't affraid to take on bigger opponents in which she often gave the bigger fighter alot of opposition. Tina also was capable of beating some of these bigger opponents on some occasions.

  2. Tina had her best fights for dww.
    But she fought also for les femmes fatales. It's always a pleasure watching her. Now she is living in Spain where she owns an accupuncture private clinic.

    She was very intelligent studied medicine and made some practice in Far Asia. So if you happen to be in Spain and have any body pains or diseases Tina will solve them!!

  3. Yes, I would appreciate to be healed by Tina!!!

  4. One of the all time favourites, Treena Collins. Beautiful and full of drama. What is she doing now ? She was such a star that I wish she would make a comeback.