Friday, September 2, 2011

Scissors And Hoses

The main theme here are panty hoses but two of the three fights feature a lot of head and body scissors as well. The first is a trash video from, with the lingerie torn apart and the camera man laying over the carpet; the second is from Lusa Entertainment "Hide and Seek" and the third from Dakota´s Catfight Challenge 13. The last one has the lady star on her sexy appeal prime.   



  1. I noticed that "Near-twins catfight" has the best rating of the last several posts. Bring on more napoli (early videos with natural tits) and more breast to breast action! another good one is california wildcats "Bare bitch project". I would settle for the whole corridor scene of the "Near Twins catfight" right now.

  2. The last clip is my fav of the three. I enjoy seeing hair-pulling in combination with a headscissor. Produces a more dominant effect then just pulling hair by itself.

    Napoli is very hit and miss. When they make a good video it is excellent, but when they don't it is awful.

  3. I loved this post! As I've said before on this board, there is just something about women fighting in pantyhose that is so sexy... more posts like these please ;-)