Wednesday, October 12, 2011


One object may sparkle a remembrance of past times and that has been case when I came across this short catfight sequence with Georgina Spelvin. For youngsters, Georgina starred "The Devil in Miss Jones" (1973), one of the first pornographic films to be exhibited on a public movie theater in US. 

I remember having seen "Miss Jones" in a double bill with "Deep Throat" (from the same director), the other iconic movie of 70s, in San Francisco, in a movie theater on Market Street. Those were revolutionary times for erotic stuff.

Now I have found this few catfight seconds with Georgina before she engages in standard porn with Jessie St. James. Not bad for a catfighter rookie. Did the star of "Deep Throat" - Linda Lovelace, participate in any female fighting action as well?



  1. What movie is this from?

  2. I don't know: maybe some Blog reader has the information.

  3. I'm guessing "Easy," from 1978, based on what I can find on IMDB.

    IMDB lists Georgina Spelvin as "Janet."

    Jessie St. James (IMDB spells it "Jesie" though) is listed as "Kate," and that looks like Jessie St. James.

    And there's a "Victor" listed.