Monday, April 29, 2013

Sub-genre #17

Wrestlers can wear bikinis for fighting purposes and they will not be naked, of course. However, there are occasions when the combat goes on with one (or two) of them with the bottom part halfway down her legs. Therefore, even with bikinis, it will be a nude fight! From the old times, a Curtis Dupont long sequence (the bikini gets down at the end) and one of the Berlim Fights from AS Film.

It might be cumbersome to the girls but it adds a pinch of erotic salt to the combats (and a desire to help them getting rid of the problem...).


Saturday, April 27, 2013


Besides the new picture of Becky vs Trisha, there are other changes in the Blog for the reasons that follow.

First, in the last years I had (and many of you as well) the opportunity of watching hundreds of women fights missed by me in the Pre-Internet era and now out of catalog. It has been a gratifying period and that was possible by the information gathered and shared by a dozen of hardcore fans who collected those exciting (and at old times quite expensive...) material. 

My guess is that most people in this category was comprised by gentlemen over 50: I don´t think the new generations have the same interest in the female fighting fetish for reasons that are too complicated to discuss in a short post. Therefore, I have the point of view that veterans have mostly satisfied their desires and can be somewhat saturated with the megatons of available images: there are dozens of sharing sites and a small dose of patience provides good rewards (that is killing producers but it is another huge subject...).

The non-veterans care much more for porn and extreme violence - which are of no interest to me - and do not participate in the Blog discussions. There are other venues - foruns, blogs - which should cater for their needs.

In resume, I (We) have now watched everything of interest and the new releases - which are fewer as the time goes by - do not have the same appeal. 

Second, there are more difficulties to keep the Blog updated as I would like to do. For example, the list of links cannot be refreshed anymore because of a software bug and Blogger does not have technical support. In another example, Theaters from YouTube and DailyMotion playlists require more maintenance because of automatic "clean-up" procedure those sites have put in place.

Last, but not the least, the donation campaign attracted quite a few supporters... which is probably a practical consequence of the first paragraphs...

Basically, there is no point in changing Blog content so frequently. So, starting this Monday, I will post just once in a week and will have one active Theater, that will rotate randomly. Links of providers are already frozen and that will continue until a kind Google soul cares to fix the update script. Comments and direct mail will be handled according my time availability.

A final and important remark: I want to say thanks to the ones who have contributed to the Blog, specially in videos and money; if one of those guys want something to be published, please, let me know, and I will do my best to find it.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fight Of Generations

At the time of the fight, Mary was 49 years old and Brandy was... younger (and I think she was the daughter of Lady Hawke herself). The producer has been out of business since a long time ago but they left a legacy of good competitive combats which are almost non-existent nowadays. At least with this kind of big size ordinary ladies - who can be very sexy as Mary on her revealing swimsuit!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Deviations

Deviant Art has few new art exposed for April confirming a certain lost of speed in the female fighting arena. But, please, give a look at ArtBrosean material: first class!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Let Me Go (51): Breasts And Scissors

Being Double Trouble, one may expect large and exposed breasts in this sequence of headscissors. It is acting as usual but its quality varies. The first segment is the best: Eve Ellis vs Tina Z (DT640). Second one is still good (don´t know the wrestlers), third (Diana Knight vs Jana Cat) and fourth (Jewell Marceau vs Cassie) are just regular.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Sub-genre #37

One may call this sub-genre "fights in half-kimonos", when women leave the trousers in the dressing room and go to the mat with just the top piece from the usual outfit used in judo and BJJ. However, they use 50% of the uniform but there is not even a 1% of judo techniques in the two videos below. Well, who cares???

The first is APL 115 and it was brought to my attention by a Blog reader: it is a round-robin match with Kristie Etzold, Sonia and another fighter whom I could not identify. It is here almost in full (I do not have the first segment) because is out of catalog.

The second is a sample of a Les Femmes Fatales video in the same sub-genre (if there is more than one video, it is a sub-genre ... (lol)) with Robin herself against the sexy Kristiana. Instead of thongs, they are using pantyhoses. Curiosity: both half-kimono fights have stars in interracial combats.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Shallow Waters

For a good reason, this is a producer I was not aware of: Corset Goddess, from Germany. It is mostly dedicated to other fetishes but they have a couple of catfights. One is sampled below - entitled Water Fight, with an original idea: a brawl in the shallow waters of a beach. However, the catfight itself is below the average.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Warning: Highly Sexy Fight Ahead!

Lisa-Marie (where are you, darling???) has been one of the most featured fighters in this Blog and there goes one more post (I guess nobody will complain...).   She has a formidable (in many senses) opponent in TPC 99-12-1 video: Hayley (my kind of blonde). Both display an awesome tan but it is Lisa who shines with those legs, big but balanced frame, those buns and... sorry, I got carried away (lol).

There is another fight between those two gorgeous ladies that I will try to find.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Mirror Fighting

Lainey X and Sabrina Snow are lookalikes and for this reason they might have decided to give and take holds at the same time. First, one pair of topless headlocks and then two naked headscissors. SOAP100 is the video source.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Western Pretzel

That is a hold one usually finds in Japanese pro-wrestling combats: the deadly (lol) pretzel lock. This time it is  demonstrated by Honey over the delightful Foxy with a good deal of skill.


Monday, April 8, 2013

I Give Up Right Now!

Instead of either uttering the words "I give up" or tapping out, the veteran Hungarian fighter Kriszta resorts to a more effective loud cry. Other veteran, Jeff the Ref, immediately stops the combat avoiding any injury from that boston crab.


Friday, April 5, 2013

A Great Wrestler

Wrestling is in danger of leaving the Olympic Games core sports and being relegated to the optional status - i.e. each edition would opt to include it or not. What a shame!

That bad news has come to my mind when I stumbled upon this superb collection of bouts with the French  wrestler Karine Roy. Her second match was already mentioned in the Blog but now it is shown in full: her opponent is very sexy!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Theater Three: Slim Girls From Japan

I guess you already had enough time to enjoy the old black & white movies from the "remote" past and now I would like to focus on a very good Japanese producer: Laputa. It is difficult to get its videos if you do not live in Japan. YouTube users have recently uploaded a dozen of its fights - some in full, and now they are on Theater Three.

The video below is an idea that Laputa could use in the future. Unfortunately, the image quality is awful: you  should use your imagination to fully appreciate the g-string fight of those tiny girls. Or inform the rest of us what is the source...


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5th Anniversary... In The Hellfire Club

On April, 2nd, 2008, I posted this quite short clip from Woman´s World Video and ... I am still alive against all odds. So, to celebrate the fifth year of the Female Fighting Theatre, nothing better to watch a timeless favorite, a Catfight from the Hellfire Club fight, produced by Crystal Films, with a complete brawl between two hardcore ladies from the basement: Miss Dee and Maylay.

Besides this post, there is one more thing (as the legendary Steve used to say).

Monday, April 1, 2013

In The Raw For Real (30): Nude Sculptures

The two wrestlers have already appeared in this series - Eva here and Kata here. Now, they face each other, always in that dry pool rented by Fighting Style. Despite the friendship mood, the holds seem for real. Anyway, the moments when the sweat bodies of the beauties comes to a standstill is one of those great moments of female fighting.