Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Vanished Magazines Case

Another media business killed by the Web was the trade magazine specialized in fetishes and women fighting in particular. Distributed by video stores and peep shows, these magazines complemented the moving images of VHS tapes. Some resisted for years with regular issues - like Amazons in Action. Others, like Battling Bitches, were more hazardously published and slowly disappeared.

To my knowledge, this magazine format has never been successful over the Web. The producers themselves or in association with sales portals have offered their goods directly to the public. Regardless of Web success and the spread of choices we have today, I miss the comments and interviews printed by some of the vintage magazines.

You can find these and other old magazines on EBay and at Wiwa Online Store.

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  1. I have from time to time made reference to the UK publications from Swish with reference to where did it start?The Swish Publications outlet in Londons Soho was a focal point for many fans and is sadly missed.