Monday, March 20, 2017

One Welcome Video

After a long time, another lost production from Video Sports Limited has come to life on the Web thanks to the ever increasing number of fans in our community who take the trouble to convert and upload them. This was one of the few producers that was able to engage hot half naked women in decent wrestling.

The rarity is V044 "1992 Topless Lightweight Matches" (ouch, 25 years have passed already: it seems yesterday...) with two combats: Julie vs Cassandra and J´sae (or Jasae) vs Nikie. Two curiosities: the first bout is interrupted (at the first part end) by a injury in the Julie´s toenail and a bruise in Cassandra´s breast (very, very regrettable!). And in the second one there is one of the first appearances of Jasae, very young and somewhat shy.

The fight is in full, split in three parts.




Monday, March 13, 2017

Please, Use Your Imagination

This time there are no combat images at all but only (prospective) combatants. Just imagine you have been able to convince women friends and neighbors to participate in a spring tournament held in a local and discrete venue (your buddy´s gym or even a roomy garage). Keep the dream supposing the women are the ones below already matched one on one. Some have already wrestled, there are shy ones, big and small bodies, Caucasian, Asian and Afro-American.

I would buy a ticket to the tournament.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Japan Olympics 2020

With some adjustments in the rules of the competition below, women wrestling would be a hit at the next olympics. I have already talked about the olympic style and Tokio 2020 herehere and here, always with the purpose of increasing the audience: one day the sport federation will listen to me (lol).

Having said that, the video quality is just moderate. The girls are sexy, the points counting adds seriousness and the ring is credible. But the fight itself is miles away from a real one and guess what: after the struggle efforts they relax in a long lesbian session.

The video is from Rocket BTT-79, a female fighting purveyor that always add porn spice.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Women Fights & The Mainstream Media

"When in doubt, stage a catfight": that is a show business moto mostly used when the producer does not trust the script and fears a flop is on the way (the advertising industry likes that safe net as well). The number of women brawls in feature movies and TV shows should be in the range of thousands if not more (who has that figure?).

And that keeps going on our times. A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal (!!!) published an article named "Why We Love a Good Catfight" - this phrase could well be a post title here on the Blog. The text deals with incoming TV shows (I don´t subscribe WSJ so I could not read the full text) from FX (named "Feud") and other outlets which are using the allure of a female clash to guarantee audience (amazing, who would say there is people interested on that?).

In order to not lose the wagon, the streaming media industry is showing its weapons. Netflix has announced a series starting on June based on Glow, our well known TV pro-wrestling from the 1980s (btw, I used to love some of their characters, specially the sexy Spanish Red, her pliable body and scanty swimsuit for the time).

It follows the video from "Feud" and Netflix "Glow".


One of the Netflix show stars will be Allison Brie, from "Mad Men": I hope she changes the shy role and costumes she had in the blockbuster series for something like the picture below.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Not As Good But Still Enjoyable

The post on Japanese topless fighters was well received and deserves a follow-up with another battle from... Battle, of course, the Far East great purveyor of women combats. The girls are not so sexy as the other one, breasts not so perfect but the video is good entertainment on the whole.

There is "acting" too in the ring proceedings: in the beginning, one woman does a shy role hiding the breasts with the hands, behavior that goes away soon.

By the way, this is video BNT-03 from Battle Japan (nowadays appearing as Akibacom Japan). They have a dozen features in this category - topless thongs pro-style - but very pricey: about US$80 per video at the current exchange rate.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Fighting By The Book

A fellow reader brought a prolific writer of catfight stories to my attention. Named Ariadne Vice - very likely a pen name - has a total of thirty six e-books about the subject on sale at Amazon! I usually prefer videos and pictures to satisfy my fetish, but plain text has its advantages: for example, one can imagine a character in the book being your girlfriend, a neighbor, one colleague of work and so on.

I haven´t read any of Ariadne´s books but the reader reports his (or her?) stuff regards mostly wife vs wife, teens combats and a few others themes; he liked the "Freshmans Fights" trilogy but his favorite is "Pretty Pugilists", a Victorian bare knuckle boxing fantasy.

As I said, I prefer images (after all, it is a Female Fight Theater), hence I added the slideshow below with six book covers from Ariadne works. But catfighting stories are around way before the e-books appeared: so I added old cover books from around 1960s in the slide show, displaying literature "classics" as "Passion Limbo", "Three´s a Crowd", "She Had to Cheat" and others. Frankly, I prefer the bolder and raunchy illustration style from the vintage works: the reason might be I was used to stare at those sexy images in my young age for the lack of better stuff...    

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Oldest One?

I have found this gem a few time ago and start wondering whether it is the first nude combat captured on film. It is in fast motion, typical attribute of movies shot in the 1920s when cameras run at 18-19 frames/second for saving film. Therefore, I suspect it came from that period, specially because it is a German production and the country had a liberal approach to nudity. 

Unfortunately, it is just a two minutes clip and apparently the fight is longer.


Update: Following the information given by the clip finder (see the comment), I have done a brief research on the Web. The footage has come from Karl Höffkes Archives, a huge repository of common life scenes in Germany in the 20th century (I don´t know the language, so I had to use bare tools as Google Translate). The above clip is here and on its brief information line, Karl dates the material to the 1940s (or even the 1960s) and the location at a certain "Atrium". There was a theater with this name in Dusseldorf that held female wrestling events in the 1940s after the war. Does anyone can find more?

Two more things: my assumptions about the film speed were just a fantasy and I have supposed that I could post the video here...

Monday, February 6, 2017

Festival Of Grimaces

I browsed my posts and realized I don´t have many cases of a dreadful and sexy hold: the small package pin, where the dominated fighter is kept in a awkward position and escape chances are nil. The best in my collection of still images has been used to create the slide show. Hold details can vary but one common thing is the grimace in the looser face.

The Japanese erotic combats love to include the hold in the script and there is a couple of them in the slide show below (unfortunately with the annoying privates pixelation). 

Notice that Robin appears in three slides: two in the dominant side and one as victim. My dear Nicole Oring is also included the show.