Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Short Fighting Clip On The Theater

In rare occasions, I add short clips (less than 4 minutes) on the Blog Theater playlist; this is one, justified by the large breasts and larger yet areolae of the combat winner.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Only In Japan...

Warning: that is certainly far from being the most sexy and competitive female fighting video in this Blog; however, as to the sumo sport, those women are pretty close to their men counterparts regarding size and weight... 


Monday, January 19, 2015

Tapping Out (34): A Good Surprise

This combat had everything to result a so-so product: a much stronger fighter (Skylar Rene) facing a lower-class opponent (Samantha), non-sexy outfits despite impressive Skylar tanned body and a far from adequate arena. However, not being a fully scripted bout - despite the obvious mid-gear option by the dominant woman - there is an entertaining submission depicted below, with a good list of features: nice hold (a F4 head scissors), adequate struggle by the loser however helpless and... why not, a natural wedgie.


This has come from FemWin TS-534 Samantha vs Skylar Rene.

By the way: there is a couple of topless fights on the Blog Theater right now.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Alert: The Amazons On The Theater

The legendary Terence Young´s (certainly a member of our exclusive club...) movie "The Amazons" is available on YouTube and makes the top position on the Blog´s Theater. It is in full and you may either appreciate the depth of the script... or just go to the catfighting scenes: at 00:07:10 and 01:15:00 (the full nude scene! however dark it be).


Monday, January 12, 2015

Fights On The Mirror

Some tag team combats like to demonstrate the fighters skill (and the staging quality...) putting the two pairs in same holding combinations like a dance choreography. DWW does that with gorgeous girls but choose just long schoolgirl pins that making the whole thing boring. It follows two ring fights with short sequences of F4 leg holds and then a naked leg split from NWWL. The best one is the Japan Super Sonic Satellites production with surfboards, leg holds, body scissors and a final unique square entanglement.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Alert: Treena Collins (a.k.a. Lynn Marie) topless on the Theater

Yes, it is a topless catfight on YouTube (from Joan Wise) with the hottiest of the hot fighters: Treena Collins. And with Jackie, another woman who I could easily date. Minutes to removal starting count right now...

Ok, it stayed live for about 200 minutes, a normal figure for YouTube lately; it goes below my traditional 3 minute summary of what we lost. Notice Treena abundant hair in the netherlands, usual at that time.


Right after Treena banishment, a Beka nude fight surfaced on YouTube. Having an erratic policy on content righteousness, the full fight has been there for a full day (or they maybe consider the nude Germans less offensive to the public prudishness than the topless US women).

Monday, January 5, 2015

Two Versions Of The Same Hold

One may enjoy women combats even when they present radically opposite attributes. For instance, the two segments below show basically the same wrestling hold - let´s classify it as a spladle (I am not an expert like STJ, of course) - but "costumes" and performance are entirely distinct. The first one - from TUFF Tidewater, with Amber vs Raven - has the fighters in rather unsexy gym gear; however, one can easily realize they are using the best of her skills to get a submission or to revert the position. The second one - from Academy AX-20 (a real vintage) - has the gorgeous girls in bare skin and generous bushes; on the other hand, their wrestling posing will not convince anyone that is not staged.

As for me, I have enjoyed both cases...


Monday, December 29, 2014

Beatrice´s House Refurbishment

With my main hard disk crash in last May gone were the folder with Beatrice Goffin videos and photos. When one thing goes wrong another one comes up to make things worse: the YouTube playlist containing her non-topless fights lost the entries. As a result, the page I kept about the legendary wrestler had become a shanty house.

By retrieving footage and pictures from forgotten vaults, I was able to rebuild Beatrice´s memorabilia and even add another fighting video. Therefore, her dedicated page is decent again and can be visited clicking on the tab above. All of her fighting videos are now kept on the page itself; there are full combats and sample clips. As far as I know, except for resale sites, they are either out of catalog or the producer sites are long gone: being so, I took the liberty to share the images here. 

Once more, I invite everybody with information and images of Ms. Goffin to contribute.

Good way to end the year, right? By the way, a great 2015 to you all !!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Alert: A Topless Fight On The Blog Theater (At Last...)

After a long time a topless bout is available on the Blog Theater!. And a good one: a MMA outdoor fight sponsored by DWW.