California Supreme

California Supreme was one of the pioneers in the women combat business. It was founded in 1967 by Ron L. Dvorkin and shot dozens of reels in 8mm and VHS formats, plus photo sets, until 1998 when it closed down the production line. It kept selling merchandise until 2007.

Ron got the idea after observing what Germany was doing at the time. He was an ophthalmologist, had money to invest and decided to promote women wrestling that pleased his taste (and making some bucks as well...). With California Supreme (and Bellstone, his brand for special productions) he created a fighting style of semi-competitive bouts with topless and nude women that is still in place.
Let us not forget its line of comics under the Bellstone brand that offered artists like Glen and Gene Bilbrew (Ron himself was a gifted artist but I never heard he did fight drawings).

The company managed to recruit dozen of women with athletic skills and coached them in the trade. Among the roster, there was the splendid Lisa-marie, the ill-tempered Swedish Tina, the future businesswoman Robin, the voluptuous Shelly, the aggressive Raven, the large Kristie Etzold, the muscular Christine Dupree and the beautiful Sheri Whitlow.

Several companies, like Curtis Dupont and Triumph Studios, were inspired by California Supreme success; more, real combative women, like Joan Wise and Judell Dulong founded clubs for practicing and tournaments, and later on started selling the filming of the events.

I regret to have got rid of all my CS leaflets many years ago since they had information on the fights and are collector itens now. For example:

Notice the price charged in 1990s for a tape at most two hours long: US$100! (the equivalent in 2017 roughly to US$150). Really a nice business for someone who loved the products so much.

(other information will be added along the time)

It follows selected videos with full content:

VT-017-2 Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Uschi Digart vs Pam - nude boxing with two knock downs - notice Ron himself working as referee.

VT (unknown ID) Robin vs Lee (a.k.a. Christine Dupree) - topless wrestling between two young future stars. After a long mutual headscissors, they engage in a good fight (in two parts).


VT (unknown ID) Robin vs Jenni - it starts with a short interview with Robin before going to business: a competitive topless match with good holds (e.g. a submission hammer lock at the end of the first part).

VT-191-2 Lisa-Marie vs Lolita: topless beauties in a semi-competitive bout (in two parts).

VT (unknown ID) Denise vs Elize: two of the most infrequent fighters of CS, they perform a decent combat (bikinis, then topless) and... lots of talking (in three parts):

 VT (unknown ID) Lisa-Marie vs Judy: spirited topless bout between two hot women, with a specially dominant Lisa-Marie at the end.

  VT (unknown ID) Roni vs KK: topless boxing between a CS frequent fighter (and one of my crushes) and a rare one; no big Las Vegas night but a few knock-downs (in two parts).

(more will be uploaded along the time).


  1. absolutely awesome domination scene with Lisa Marie pouring it on Lolita and describing the fun.

  2. What great nostalgia! I am surprised you did not (yet) mention Sherri Whitlow or "Miss Germany" - the first two great CS stars! Would love to know more about Sherri - she just kind of disappeared!


    1. I have seen very few images of either Sherri or Miss Germany but a couple of pictures: so they have not been on my radar. But I will enhance the text with them.

  3. The last addition with the boxing clip(s); in the first clip the girl with the long black/brown hair is Roni; she also did a one sided wrestling bout against Uschi Digart for CS.

  4. There is a website called that has dozens of the old California Supreme videos. In fact, that site has something like 4000 videos of long lost titles.

    1. All the California Supreme material is available. California Supreme, P.O. Box 573311, Tarzana, CA 91357

    2. Great to be remembered. We started in 1959 with regular 8mm films and bikini wrestling. Used girl friends who I taught to wrestle.

    3. 1959 ! Amazing ! Are you aware of anybody else before you in US? I heard that Germany had one or two producers in the 1950s doing 8mm catfight films.

    4. Yes, Irving Klaw in New York. Used the great Betty Page in wrestling pictures and films

  5. California

    California Supreme started in 1959. The wrestlers were all girls friends or their friends. All the material is available at California Supreme,P.O. Box 573311, Tarzana, CA 91357