On Beatrice Goffin

The interest on Beatrice Goffin is so big that I have decided to create a separate page with images and information about her - now including full fighting videos and scenes. I will keep posting on the main page as well and post copies in this space. You can make comments wherever you want but prefer this section to facilitate the viewing by other fans.

Of course, you should have a lot of memorabilia and fighting videos to share: please, the community would appreciate your contributions (I even expect the fighter herself to show up eventually!).


1. Biography: This article in the Female Wrestling Encyclopedia is the best source I know about Beatrice; there is also an Yahoo Group with some information, although with few updates lately; a useful review of her fights is here at TheValkyrie; in this short interview from 1992, she shared facts about her career:

2. Slide show with Beatrice in action and posing (please, notice her nice body and sexy butt):

3. A sequence of full fights and scenes with Beatrice:
                        vs Anja:

                       vs Lee Price (in two parts), for Women Warriors WW-70:

                       vs Leonnie (in two parts), with an interview:

                       vs Danielle, for RingSide Productions:

                             vs Shelby (in two parts), for Festelle FV-34:

                            vs Ria, for Festelle FV-54-1:

                             vs Shiela (in two parts), for Festelle FV-42:

                           vs Ria (in two parts), for Festelle FV-34:

                             vs unknown wrestler, for Athena:

                             vs Kristie Etzold, for RingSide Productions:

                            vs Ali (in three parts):                   


                                   vs Elizabeth (clip):

                        vs Glenda (clip):

                        vs  Isabel (clip):

                              vs Laila (clip):


                             vs Robin (first match) (clip):


                            vs Robin (second match) (clip):

                             vs Sherry (clip from Festelle FV-34):

                             vs Sherry (clip from Festelle FV-54):

                             vs unknown wrestler (oil fight) for Festelle:

4. Blog posts with important references to Beatrice and reader comments:

Again, if you have contributions and comments, please, step up and participate.


  1. I will start the comments because I just can't help myself. I watch too many of the clips and there are many complete matches that are very good but lack something. There is a great match with Ziggy vs. Shannon for Premier. I am a big fan of Ziggy and her skills, but there is little tension or excitement in them.

    The more and more I watch Beatrice she just wanted so much to win in many of her videos. The fact she talks in many of the matches in her loft and you can hear her in pain or a bad position and just hating to lose made them better.

    I ordered an hilarious tape where she again faces a woman I've never seen and they are dressed in hideous dresses and strip to bikini bottoms and in her stilted english and accent claims the other has no muscles. The other shows off her heavy breasts to which Beatrice states "this is not a nipple fight". The two have a violent match for 12-13 minutes where you hear Beatrice taunting and asking for a submission she does not get and then you hear some sounds and her husband calling asking what she is doing and that there is someone there or a phone call. All the while Beatrice says that she is wrestling and give her a few minutes to beat the girl.

    Finally the two separate and beatrice says "you're lucky, we'll fight again tomorrow to the finish?" Yes same time same place and that is the tape. Was I ripped off not seeing the match end? Yes, but it was quite funny too.

    So yes these matches in her loft topless vs. Dina, this Brunette, Leonie in multiple matches, Maggie & Sherry are all great along with the contests vs Anja, who unfortunately was humorless and no personality.

    More if people start posting....

  2. Thanks for your posting and I would appreciate having more facts about Beatrice.
    From her wrestling career, I will move to that (in)famous episode with the Belgium authorities. I have just happened to stumble over three local newspaper articles about the incident:




    They are in French and using my moderate command of the language, I will try to make a summary.
    The story goes like Michel Vieuxjean and his spouse Beatrice used to organize combats with topless girls using thongs (oh! shame of the shames!!!). One report says they were using the highschool gym in weekends, other a private place.
    According to the newspaper, they were doing a more regrettable activity: filming and selling the fighting videos (ooh! more shame!).
    Besides the events in Jemelle, they would have organized a trip with some of the combatants to Hungary, where they participated in this "strange" sport sponsored by a "devious" Austrian video maker (read DWW).
    The only real mischief would be the fact that one of the women was not of legal age. Beatrice and Michel defended themselves saying that she had lied.
    Nothing is said about the results of the police inquire.
    I have found the newspapers position quite outdated as to erotic matters: it was Europe in 2006 after all!!!
    Beware of buying female fighting stuff in Belgium!!!

  3. Fascinating. I never believed the stories all these years. Many thanks.


  4. I have now watched the Beatrice vs Lee full fight.I would say its the best.The struggle is very intense with both women using a lot of energy.Although it seems fairly even to start with Beatrice weakens Lee with a headlock and body scissors combination.Beatrices thighs doing the damage when she crushes Lee into submission.The end is fantastic with a face sit in which Lee refuses to submit so Beatrice covers Lees mouth and forces her to lick her out several times.She then reverses her sitting position to the revers face sit so she covers her face and mouth with her rear in which Lee cries out and is muffled by Beatrices arse.Great personal Domination finish.Beatrice is the best.

  5. As usual Beatrice is the mistress of the combination hold with the Full nelson or head chancery holding her opponent in position so her thighs can crush the other women.The match against Ali is fantastic as Ali forces a crying out submission from Beatrice using the Boston Crab submission hold.The cry out is great to hear I just keep playing it.

  6. Beatrice has always been a favourite of mine since following womens fighting since my teenage years.I think the oil match emphasises the point that Beatrice loved the feeling of close bodily contact with another woman which was emphasised in her match against lee Price where she gains the final submission with a that great lesbian face sit hold when she rubs her crotch onto Lee Prices mouth and will not release her until she tastes her cum.She also gained great pleasure in applying pain to her opponents using her knowledge of the female form and its weaknesses resulting in the fantastic cries of extended elongated pleading for submission.Fantastic bouts to watch and hear as she destroyed the opponent.

  7. Love to bout against Ali especially when she puts Beatrice into the Boston Crab submission Beatrices Ali demands for submission while Beatrice cries out are fantastic.Lovely to watch the great lady forced into a painfull submission.

  8. The fantastic cry out and squeals of Beatrice as she is forced in to the Boston Crab and then the submission is beautiful to watch and listen to I just have to keep playing it again and again !