Monday, April 2, 2018

Ten Years! But Not Counting Anymore...

Newly retired, I started this blog on April 2, 2008, exactly ten years ago, as a hobby for a long time fan of women combats. I was curious to see if there were many people around the world interested in the subject. And certainly there have been a lot of people! On its peak (2012 to 2014), when I used to publish daily posts, the Blog received more than 40,000 visits by month from more than 100 countries  (40% from US).

The women combat show business (can we use the word?) is thriving, regardless of losses on production side like the DWW shutdown and changes in management like APL; you may check the link list on this page right side and verify that. On the other hand, the so-called "sharing sites" are also stuffed with thousands of full videos of women combat, not exactly helping the producers. For ten years I have stuck with my own rule of posting a maximum of three minutes or less of a video. Most of the producers understood that was good advertising and never complained.

From my side, I enjoyed the ride but it is time to stop. I don´t really have the energy and time to make even a weekly post anymore. Google, whose Blogger and YouTube services I extensively use, is not the same as before. I have had frequent technical problems with the first one - site not found, search engine not working. And YouTube has had the nasty habit of removing my playlists which only referred to third party online clips. In fact, Google does not have any interest in supporting sites like the Female Fight Theater as they don´t make a penny of advertising revenue with it (they don´t advertise on adult sites).

Anyway, the Female Fight Theater is going to stay on Google Blogger exactly as it is today although without regular posts and updates. I don´t discard publishing in the future when I feel adequate.
And I will be still available by email.

Thanks for your support along the years!


Monday, March 26, 2018

A Timeline Of Women Combat In Images

I was browsing my archives when a couple of ideas and questions crossed my mind (a rare thing these days...): which one of my files was a reference to the oldest image of fighting women? and the newest? what have changed in one and half century of photography and movies? The three videos below are a (humble) summary of changes and the outstanding variety of subgenres we can enjoy.

Imagery from ancient times until the end of 1970s:

From 1980s until the end of 1990s:

From 2000 onwards:


Monday, March 19, 2018

Young Raven & Video Sports

An old video resurfaced on the Web, featuring two favorites: the Video Sports combat style (video V042) and Raven, fresh in the sport and wrestling as Nancy in three topless matches.

She starts with a daunting challenge: to face Sandra, a strong and skillful fighter (unfortunately with a short career in the business). Second fight comes with a popular wrestler, Jasae, a more fitting match for Raven. And, ending the movie, Tabitha as adversary. Nice memories...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Monday, March 12, 2018

Lotus Flowers

In this case, flowers are the gorgeous wrestlers and lotus is the vicious wrestling hold. I don´t believe it can happen in a truly competitive fight; it should require some colaboration from the victim. However, the Carolina segment below seems close to the real thing. 

The holds came from: Sabre (two segments), Lusa, Carolina Catfights (Kim vs Kaila), WWWC SLV 159, Double Trouble (Francesca vs Lisa), APLs 844 and 794. Unfortunately, the two nude ones are very short.


Monday, March 5, 2018

Dressing And Undressing

Everybody knows I like the combat pre-show, specially the ones with a dressing routine. This production allocates time for it and, after a regular combat in singlets, provides the undressing and continues on the nude. The wrestling itself is neither brilliant nor deceptive. 

The video comes from a surprising source - Supergirls vs Males. However, they have girls vs girls videos and they can be pleasant, like this Lana vs Mira.


Monday, February 26, 2018


Talking about aesthetics, what about symmetric action in tag team wrestling? I already mentioned the subject before but as I found other examples of this coordinated action, I put together clips of four videos from a variety of sources and different results.

The first is from Lusa Entertainment and it has the winners chatting and having fun while applying f4 head scissors (every one in black...). Then Japan, with Super Sonic Satellites girls doing an intricate combination of f4 leg and head locks which should have required a good rehearsal. Same producer, this time with standard f4 leg locks. And, finally, what could be the best one, Emanuela an Eva N vs Pamela and Nina in topless for DWW; unfortunately, their schoolgirl pins are boring.


Monday, February 19, 2018

Ballroom Dispute

It is a weird place the two women chose to have a catfight: an empty and large ballroom. Why? The brawl script did not clarify the background: they just start to exchange insults and very quickly are on the carpet (humm, maybe the its softness was the reason...) to settle who is the best.

They keep the clothes on but that does not block wonderful views of legs and crotches. Just in case you have not recognise her, the winner is our well known mutiny and the foe (and more exposed...) is Jezabel. The producer was Lucha Girls.


Note: the first movie in the Blog Theater playlist is a vintage flick called Ladies Mud Wrestling. Not a great value, except for two things: the presence of Queen Kong, a popular pro wrestler in the 1990s (?), and an interview with a starlet (around 8:00 in the movie), fully naked, and showing a beautiful natural bush, typical from those days. Considering the video was published on November, 2016, another oversight record of our prudish fellows at YouTube.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Unshaved And Blurred

I know few things about this movie: the two ladies are Carla and Beth, it is very old and certainly was originally shot in Super 8 film (to the new generations, please, consult the Internet to know what was that) and the shaved pubis trend was far, far away.


Monday, February 5, 2018


Leather & Lace have gorgeous women on its roaster and these two - Charlie and Mila - are among the best ones. The fight follows the producer standard script: a "thorough" examination by the referee and pro style ring wrestling. What is better in this particular video is the abondance of curves in the naked fighters and a couple of well done holds.