Monday, February 19, 2018

Ballroom Dispute

It is a weird place the two women chose to have a catfight: an empty and large ballroom. Why? The brawl script did not clarify the background: they just start to exchange insults and very quickly are on the carpet (humm, maybe the its softness was the reason...) to settle who is the best.

They keep the clothes on but that does not block wonderful views of legs and crotches. Just in case you have not recognise her, the winner is our well known mutiny and the foe (and more exposed...) is Jezabel. The producer was Lucha Girls.


Note: the first movie in the Blog Theater playlist is a vintage flick called Ladies Mud Wrestling. Not a great value, except for two things: the presence of Queen Kong, a popular pro wrestler in the 1990s (?), and an interview with a starlet (around 8:00 in the movie), fully naked, and showing a beautiful natural bush, typical from those days. Considering the video was published on November, 2016, another oversight record of our prudish fellows at YouTube.

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