Monday, March 26, 2018

A Timeline Of Women Combat In Images

I was browsing my archives when a couple of ideas and questions crossed my mind (a rare thing these days...): which one of my files was a reference to the oldest image of fighting women? and the newest? what have changed in one and half century of photography and movies? The three videos below are a (humble) summary of changes and the outstanding variety of subgenres we can enjoy.

Imagery from ancient times until the end of 1970s:

From 1980s until the end of 1990s:

From 2000 onwards:



  1. Thank you for posting these three videos, which, as you say, illustrate the amazing range of options and styles we have to enjoy within the field. It also illustrates the enormous extent of your archives and the breadth of your interest, which makes you the ideal commentator, a role your have undertaken faithfully for many years now. Keep going, for our sake!

  2. females have always fought.

  3. The ceiling hold picture from the front of an edition of Women Wrestling Magazine is the an all time classic.This edition was one of my early magazines in my collection and is my all time favourites