Monday, March 19, 2018

Young Raven & Video Sports

An old video resurfaced on the Web, featuring two favorites: the Video Sports combat style (video V042) and Raven, fresh in the sport and wrestling as Nancy in three topless matches.

She starts with a daunting challenge: to face Sandra, a strong and skillful fighter (unfortunately with a short career in the business). Second fight comes with a popular wrestler, Jasae, a more fitting match for Raven. And, ending the movie, Tabitha as adversary. Nice memories...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



  1. Great classic catfighting.Although mostly ground based her victims seem to know that her powerful thighs will do the damage especially when combined with her headlock and/or breast smother.They know that there will be no escape except to squeal submission.

  2. Any chance u would have Sandra vs Denise (sometimes wrestled as Sasha...did 3 awesome women's warriors marches against Robin)? VSL did a video I believe that had the awesome Sandra vs Denise that should be close in time frame to this video? That would be awesome

  3. Video Sports was another good company that only lasted a short while relatively. You can still purchase the catalog but again, one of the old timers who just doesn't get today's pricing. Still charging $40 or more for a streamed dvd. I think his name is Bruce. Then look at prices for HD matches from Fight Pulse or Fighting Dolls, etc. Too bad -- I mean he long ago recouped the costs of production so why not try to move product? Anyway, Sandra was a killer wrestler and also seemed to train the other girls and encourage them from the sidelines during the matches. I prefer Raven when she got a bit older and her physique filled out a bit. The VS tournaments were a great idea including that rule that the first to get a pin AND submission won the match. Different.

  4. this unfair fight for 2 reasons: firstly the refree is cousin of sandra . and time itself was the company owner. second : it s mismatch .becouse sandra was experienced and had fought many times before . let alone she was champion . but raven was a beginer