Monday, January 26, 2009

Et Tu, Petra?

Petra is a DWW veteran known by her powerful body and forceful energy. Lately she has entered a new female wrestling path where displays of explicit lesbian acts are required. I confess I got surprised when I saw Petra in one or two recent TribGirls productions.

The compilation of Petra´s fights below has a progressive scale of nakedness, ending with some graphic lesbian acts. If you cannot recognize our heroine due to the variety of her hair colors, just look after the woman with the largest hip size...



  1. It is interesting that Petra should now feature with the Trib Girls as I seem to recall reading that one girl on the DWW curcuit would not take her on because of her lesbian tendency.That said she as been a superb fighter over the years and I would hope she is not lost to that cause.

  2. Petra was one of the best of all time dww wrestlers..Tiffany was the one who always gave her a hard time! She is much more talented in wrestling then acting for tribgirls but probably she wanted to change things and definetly got a larger sum of money for those tribgirls clips...More clips from her please.......werstling especially

  3. Has Petra ever lost in wrestling?

  4. I remember her losing to Ilona and Tiffany.More I don't know. Maybe somebody else does.

  5. pound for pound nadege is the best ever