Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tapping Out (7): Screaming Fight

If that girl in blue trunks is really feeling a pain that makes her screaming all along the fight, that would a record of punishment in competitive fights.


It is not necessary to say that is one of the productions of SheWrestles.


  1. yeah julie destoys of the fantastic fights....rachel's screams are so hot....sadly I haven't heard anything about her lately...does she still wrestle?

  2. Great emotional fight. I can imagine tears from both winner and looser. Do these girls ever fight in bikinis?

  3. They have some fights where the girls are using more revealing outfits. However, they are not DWW in that regard.

  4. Yeah that's not so much pain as it is total frustration. Great, great fight. If you have any more from SheWrestles, please post. Their female wrestling matches were awesome.

  5. Great fight. The screaming girl beaten by Julie is so muscular and sexy.