Monday, July 27, 2009

Battle of Stars (5): Ziggy vs Helen Von Mott

Two powerhouses facing each other: Helen Von Mott vs Ziggy. It goes without saying that the combat is 100% competitive, without the slightest sign of a previous arrangement. There is a short interview in the beginning of the video with both athletes.


It is competitive, the two fighters are accomplished wrestlers, a lot of skin is exposed, but... (there is always a but) is somewhat boring. The reason - very personal opinion in here - is that both fighters go by the BJJ (brazilian jiu-jitsu) style, which is very, very efficient, but not alluring.


  1. I agree 100 % ... and and Ziggy was one of my favorite Premier Production girls. What happens is these girls who are dead serious about their sport , get too accomplished at it becomes boring TO US.

    Helen I always thought was the most boring of all - she was always just too damn good for us who like the sexiness of female wrestling.

    I certainly have all the respect in the world for them as they continue to progress with their skills but I'd rather watch someone who's skills are no more than say a Charlene Rink.

  2. Zig v HVM first encounter was a KenStar vid, part of a tournament. Would love to see some of that. Zig's loss there was what got her to go to the "dark side" of BJJ.

  3. Get real; I can't believe a great competitor like Ziggy would change her venue just because of a loss (to anyone).

    She is and has been a first-class participant from the get-go whether with KenStar or any pro. No patronization here; just a logical conclusion from all that I've seen from her matches and interviews over time.

    I can't speak for the "boring" factor of BJJ-I've only seen some of this genre-but as far as relating it to this clip it doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot, imho. "Slow action" doesn't necessarily equate with "uninteresting/boring."

    Actually, for me at times the "slow action" boosts the sensual aspect of fem wrestling. There are times when you just have to take a step back and use time to enhance the enjoyment you're really seeing.

  4. This is a discussion for the ages :) I tend to agree that the more skilled, the more interesting (and sexy)- for me. Another of my favourites was Bea Goffin; I`m sure some consider her style boring - total control, superb defensive skills and then a head scissors / body scissors submission.

  5. You give a good short list of Beatric Goffin's attributes but I attach them as part of her skill that would boost my interest in her instead of making me ho-hum.

    I was always focused on her effort no matter how she paced herself. To me she was never boring.

  6. Beatrice may have had boring fights, but was never boring. Her skills often were just a bit more then her opponents, but often that was negated if the opponent was bigger or stronger. Her matches with Leonie were superb in terms of skill, determination and unpredictability. Maggie too had some great matches with Bea along with others. BJJ however there is just something missing as even when on the defense, seldom does it look like the person is in serious trouble and you can see them thinking their way out.

    With Bea, she often looked in trouble, usually escaping, but a few times not with some stunning/painful looking submissions.