Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gluteus Maximus Exhibition

This is a battle of giants: as the wrestlers outfits get shorter as the fight develops, you are going to be spellbound by the volume and symmetry of the girls thighs and butts. These two, Nicole and Suzanne, are doing their job for a Flamingo production, WW37.



  1. Suzanne did have a nice tushie. I loved her match with Jill Munroe, especially the camel clutch Jil put on her.

  2. Nicole aka Sahsa Lee Taylor of Womens World Wrestling and steady sparring partner of Jill Monroe. One of my favourites as it comes shape and size in the scripted or not wrestling circuit. Quite buff and well defined; light boob job, looks good winning but looks even better when loosin while being bent in all kinds of humiliating holds and positions as she is overpowered by Jill or in this bout by Suzanne Dubois. Besides this every mans faboutite sparring partner so to speak.

  3. In that match MrRock mentioned I liked the scene in which Jill and Suzanne engaged in a fingerlock of strength and Suzanne outmuscles Jill Monroe and forced her on her knees and all fours although Jill did win in both matches these 2 clashed for Flamingo.

  4. Suzanne and Nicolle wrestled in another interesting match while wearing leotards. Some interesting moves were applied both ways but I think Suzanne also dominated Nicole/Sasha Lee in their 2nd match as well.