Friday, January 15, 2010

Into The Basement: The Sequel

The first Into The Basement has generated much interest due to its realism and raunchiness. So, there goes another fight in that New York City night (guessing here...). The women are of the same standard as the previous fight, the basement is still banned by the public health and the combat is for real.


Ah, it is a Crystal Films production, of course.


  1. It's twice the middle fight has been posted here and I'd love to know for sure which Crystal Video Magazine it was one . Anyone know for sure which video it was on ?

  2. It is from Crystal Harmony Club #23

  3. Great fights ! and I love those mature fighting women !!! All !!!

  4. What a difference spectators make,I have maintained for a long time that companies like Festelle here in the UK were losers when the powers that be made it almost impossible to stage a live event due to health and safety laws.YES RLATING TO THE SPECTATORS.
    One thing that I have comented on and many older fans agree with is how much the young fans of today have missed out on!!!!

  5. Like it's sister clip this video is again a superb find from the treasure trove.

    Like, how much better can it get ?

    The women are all champs and their stark beauty (no matter what their age) can't be beat.

    Bravo a million times.

    (Note: Next time I wish somebody would have the decency to push those luscious fems back onto the mats when they slip onto that cold, hard cement floor. Although mesmerized, out of emotional concern for their safety that's what I'd do; otherwise ...

    Much, MUCH Appreciation.)

  6. the crystal fights were always great, and what a tease you are for leaving the winner of the last fight in doubt, now i have to go and check my old vhs tapes