Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Ending

After a thorough wipe out of the adversary, Andy finds a beautiful finish in this Steel Kittens production. It is staged but well done.



  1. Mmmmm ... a young Reggie Bennett in pink b4 she became Reggie 'Tank' Bennett. Any clue whom the other girl is ?

  2. I've only seen the blonde in other SK videos as "Andy". Particularly a video vs. Jan Flame.
    And Reggie Bennett is so gorgeous.

  3. The blonde is Andy, who was in GLOW as "Broadway Rose." IMDB has her name listed as Andrea Janell. I later saw her in some PM Video tapes, where her hair was much shorter.

  4. Thanks so much for this clip. I love Reggie's dropkick at the end -this was a pro-style match but the dropkick was genuinely "stiff"

  5. Do u think that even though Reggie Bennett is now retired and had moved onto much bigger things in her life , should she rather continue enjoying being known as one of the most powerful female wrestler in Women's Wrestling and go onto another organization which is now getting more popular than ever before like how about the entire WWE industry itself maybe perhaps hire another female like Reggie Bennett hey after all she has some of her amazing wrestling moves no doubt and when it comes down to getting her involved with these ladies here , I think Reggie herself is planning to make a national come back once again but this time she is doing it for all of her fans world wide just to see if they got what it takes to even dared enter into this ring right here !