Friday, May 14, 2010

Tight Headscissors

This hold is a combination of a headscissors with a figure four. The samples include Kristie Etzold, beatiful Japan slim wrestlers and DWW Movie-706 Viktoria M vs Anita in a more serious tone.




  1. Wow Kristie has gone up against a lot of ladies in her time, but I never knew she had faced the "Mile High Model", Mikayla Miles. awesome clip!

  2. Who would have won this match, Mikayla Miles vs Kristi Etzold ?
    What company did this match ?

  3. Mikayla Miles is awesome, so beautiful, feminine and strong! I drool over her cute dimples, 6ft4 statuesque amazon height, long sexy legs and her big peaked biceps!

  4. wow who's the girl in the bikini in the first one? her body is amazing. she's like totally just hanging out and smiling and laughing while that other poor chick is really suffering in between her perfectly toned muscular thighs.

  5. The Japan slim wrestlers are hot and turnonish. I think wrestling women are erotic and the girl with the purple thong is nice.