Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crabs Again

As I am talking about Boston Crabs, there go two curious variations of the wrestling hold. I do not know the source of the first segment but the second one is from Dragon Films DFX-353.



  1. More Dragon boston crabs please!!!! This was one of best I've seen so far!

  2. First segment is from "Fem Wrestling Rooms". I believe the video is "Bent Out of Shape".
    I thought you also already posted that dragon films crab awhile ago? either way i'm a huge boston crab fan, more please! :)

  3. Humm, I think you are right: I am starting to repeat myself (lol). Unfortunately, Dragon disappeared a long time ago and it is not easy to find their videos with those latin american wild women.

  4. Yes, first segment from Fem Wrestling Rooms. The blonde is mature Shelly Renee Berg bending the brunette out of shape

  5. The best Boston crab was carried out by Ali Day against the Belgian veteran Béatrice Goffin. I don ´t know who has seen the video. But Béatrice was forced to submit. Ali Day was upright on her feet and twisted a screaming Béatrice. This move was one of the most effective action against the Belgian champion Béatrice.