Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fighting Star (15): A Blend Of Asia And Europe

She is Anne Hurricane, born in Belgium from Asian ethinicity and one of the veterans in the female fighting sport and business. Trained by Beatrice Goffin, she did a lot of competitive fights along the years against the likes of Nadege, Xana, Gia Primo and many more. Anne used to be also a video producer but her site has vanished from the Internet and there is only a mixed fight page referring to her activities against men in private sessions. I guess she had to limit her endeavours after she gave birth few time ago.

Not a big wrestler, she has had to rely on her strength (you might see in the photo her ripped muscles) and technique to get submissions and pins against heavier adversaries. What I most like on her is the endless efforts she apply to overcome a sometimes superior adversary.

The segments in the twenty minute video below depict Anne fighting against: Linda (APL178), Fatou (APL163), Amy (DWW A2002), Emi, Sandy (AS104), Gia Primo (Chaos CF14), an unknown blond girl (AH Productions), and Nadia (TAC008).


Note: nowadays, I think the use of the word 'legend' is an overstatement to designate the main female fighters; anyway, since there are already eighteen 'legends', let me keep using the terminology ...

Note 2: the video was fixed and now contains only Anne Hurricane fights...


  1. Excellent video compilation as usual. As many of you probably knwo, she is also an accomplished kickboxer / boxer - she took apart a very qualified woman (Karine?) at a DWW event.

    And yes, legend is overused; having said that Nadia / Nadine might well become one - a strong, tough wrestler.

    (Did you throw in a Fuschia match -after the Amy match - to confuse us??)


  2. Ooops, my mistake, Mark (I was just checking if somebody was paying attention (LOL))

    I will fix that asap.


  3. Béatrice, legendary warrior and trainer. Hope she will come back.
    Look how big her thights are.

  4. Béatrice means tears and pain for her opponents. She crushes them. Her technical skills and her stamina is second to none. An incredible woman.

  5. Hi Astrogalo,

    We knew you were just testing us :)


  6. I know from a reliable source that she has converted to the Muslim faith because of her boyfriend and no longer approve of female combat--or any kind of sexy material.

  7. Anne backed out a Catfight Vs Antscha from DWW, Anne asked to do a Scripted match and Antscha said would only do a competitive.
    Robin Destroyed her 9-0 in their match in LA

  8. Heard Anne Retired out of Fear of antscha kicking her ass

  9. Anne did fight Antscha in 2013, she lost the match by a few points, after getting her first submission, Anne did not let Antscha up and attacked her after Antscha Submitted and got her to submit a second time. Antscha called her out for being a cheater.