Friday, April 1, 2011

Very Mature Indeed

Those are not just mommies but grandmas in a catfight! It comes from Crystal Films exactly with this title: Grandmas Fighting.



  1. Very exciting fight beetween 2 mature busty women ! I like it !!!

  2. That was good !!!

    This ought to show everybody that a safe-and-sane fem or "cat" wrestling event is a great way to stay invigorated no matter what age !!

    BIG Bravo's to the Grandma's !!!

  3. Got to love those busty mature ladies - the always exciting and quite vocal Maylay and Vivian who starred in the great scrappy and sexy Hell in Spanish Harlem many years ago. These were the kind of fights I used to love from Crystal.

  4. Great topless fight between 2 sexy older women in an authentic-looking setting! We need to have more of these types of fights. Are you listening producers? (Where can I find the entire fight?).

  5. The original Crystal Films site is not active these days; you may try Female Fight TV section on Crystal:

  6. I would like to wrestle any of these two in a topless mixed wrestling match...........