Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In The Raw For Real (24): Peak Of The Summer

As usual in the peak of the summer, Fighting Style uses its swimming pool (empty...) to promote good combats, this one between naked fighters, Kata and Jenny. It is a fully competitive match, so there highs and lows in the whole video but there is plenty of good moments as you may see in the sample. Unfortunately, Mutiny, the referee, is sporting a swimsuit (not a big one, though).



  1. An amazing image makeover on the part of Jenny Panther, not only by going nude (I'm not sure she had even wrestled topless before)but by going blonde(ish) and sporting a newly developed pair of boobs for which she must have paid handsomely. These girls!

  2. As usual, great information from our readers. Thanks.

  3. Is jenny Panther the same Jenny that wrestled Madame Mysteria? MM is a brute of a woman and a great wrestler - but Jenny did very well against her.

  4. It is indeed the same Jenny. She's a very good wrestler but against Mysteria the weight difference was altogether too much.

  5. There are indeed 2 or 3 fights on fightingstyle which I would like to watch.
    But the website seems to be abandoned and I don't dare to buy something there.
    Does anybody know if they are still in business?

  6. I don't know if Fighting Style is actually out of business but, like their parent company, Femwin, they do appear to be dormant. Maybe Bill Johnson has a 'cash flow problem'?