Monday, October 31, 2011


That is the way the skin of these two enticing girls appear in this fantasy video from Festelle. Very little to do with fighting: it is more of a lesbian ballet ritual; nevertheless, quite erotic.



  1. I believe this is one of four matches of this sort that were initially made by the late Trish of VSL & California Wildcats fame. They were entitled "Fantasy in Oil". One of them featured Blake Mitchell & Jasae.

  2. Definitely looks like the same scenes and setup as the Fantasies in Oil one with Blake Mitchell from California Wildcats. I think her opponent in that was Raven, though.


  3. Although, to add another comment, as much as I like the scene and the naked oil grappling, I don't like the absence of voice and ring sounds. Just the music makes it seem a little stale.

    -- Sam

  4. beautiful breast to breast pin action here!! Jasae did one of these segments for, i believe, CW. Please get more breast to breast action!! jasae wrestles the same blond. Notice how both women seem to enjoy the breast to breast action in this vid. would love to grt both of them in bed after their match.!!

  5. This one has Tasha Welch (Double Trouble) vs J'sae; another of this series gas Blake Mitchell vs Raven. I agree that the absence of voice makes it seem a bit stale. Maybe the music has a reason simply because when the 2 women go breast to breast, laughter and giggling makes it seem a bit fake, even as we know the action probably is staged. Anyway, some sound/ trash talk of the girls would be nice.

  6. music? voice? who cares...i want more, more, more please