Saturday, February 11, 2012

Uden En Trævl

That was the danish original title of the movie released in US as "Without a Stitch" (1968). What this obscure piece of the film industry is doing in a female fighting blog???  Besides a catfight on the grass and a short undressing scene, there is a mud wrestling scene in a night club with real women that is very exciting. And that is the reason: I am not that crazy...



  1. Good find ...

    Never knew the Danish were years ahead of the U.S. scene in fem mud-wrestling ...

    Love those full-figured women !!! If only the mud mats were larger with more mud, the scene longer and the women more competitive !!! ... but hey, considering this was back then, you have to be grateful for what you got !!! ...

    1. Yes, Panther100, they were ahead, specially in Northern Europe. I remember another movie that showed a mud wrestling scene in a night club (Hamburg?) in the 1970s with an unforgettable wedgie moment...

  2. I think there was a a wrestling scene with a couple of German gals in Caberet?
    That was a big hit film.
    Would like to see that clip again.