Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Painful And More Painful

I cannot figure out how painful are abdominal stretch holds like the ones below. And even less its more complicated variation - a Japanese Twist (?), that requires one woman to mount over the adversary´s neck.

In the samples, we have eleven of the first kind and seven of second one, mostly from the pro-wrestling in Japan.



  1. I've heard the version where one leg is hooked over the neck called "The Octopus."

    Linda Dallas was one of the first North American women I saw using this hold (at about 10:25)


  2. Good examples of this. Despite the pouring out of "pain" (much is obviously exaggerated for fan effect) I find these to be on the sexy side. (Translation: They're even better when done in non-pro genres without all the intervening pro-style attire, spandex, fully-covered tops, "leggings," shoes, crap like that, etc.) At any rate, they're probably a great way to get those abdominal and neck muscles in good shape and (in those rare cases where some of the participating fems are in need of it), lose a few pounds, too.

    Good series.