Monday, January 27, 2014

The Best For The Moment

Since NWWL departure, the pro-wrestling nude genre has never found a good video provider. Now, it seems that the venerable APL has started to deliver fights which are closer to the fans expectations. Watch this sampling of three combats: Bella Rossi vs Goldie (#774), Carissa Montgomery vs Sinn Sage (#783) and Jezabella vs Lucky O. (#794).


However, they still miss the NWWL qualities and even more the style pioneer, Mildred Burke. This later one really understood what the viewers (well, that means myself...) wanted: plain pro choreography with no clothes on. Therefore, what she did? Hired seasoned pros (actually from her own stable) and convinced them to forget the suits in the dressing room. Is that complicated to do it again?


  1. APL have said that they are looking to incorporate more pro moves into some of their future offerings. They are just looking for the girls who can do that for them. Given the great lineup of ladies with some wrestling experience that have featured in their videos over the past year, they should be able to manage to achieve this aim. We live in hope anyway!

  2. The ladies you mention in the APL sampling have been around for quite awhile at this point and unfortunately they do not possess any pro wrestling skills. That skill has never been part of the ladies forte, expect for Lucky and Jezabella. However these two ladies could still work on their choreography and skill. And the material shown in the APL sample is not pro wrestling at all.

  3. Looks like they APL commissioned the videos to a stateside producer....DT????

  4. Sinn Sage is one of my favorite adult stars in the wrestling genre. Not for the small fact that she's one of the few women to not shave completely smooth.