Monday, September 22, 2014

Red Flesh

One of the best catfights I have ever seem is this Fighting Dolls FD0648, with the seasoned pros Luna and Petra. Thanks to movie sponsor (you are going to understand watching the sample...) the emphasis is on the main assets of the two fighters.

A good sign of the competitiveness is the skin color: both get a vivid red just in the beginning of the bout.


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  1. Yeah, Luna and Petra , you can't go wrong with either of them.

    I never saw this match but being a lover of Trib , two of the best I ever saw both involved Luna.

    One was Trib Girls #0399 . It started with Luna and Petra making out in a bed room which evolved into a catfight that eventually ended up on the mats as an incredible trib battle after they stripped and covered each other in oil !

    That action I didn't think could be topped ... until I saw Luna vs Renata, # 0432 and also put out by Trib Girls , who unfortunately have not put out anything new in a long time

    This stayed in the bed room but there was nothing 'romantic' about this encounter between Luna and Renata. The most intense AGGRESSIVE trib FIGHTING I ever saw !! Every position imaginable from splits to one girl upside down and in every part of the room from the bed, the floor to against the wall all the while giving nothing but hateful glares to each other. These two had to be sore for days following this fight.

    Not every female wrestling fan likes this stuff but enough do that I had to recommend these two, especially since they involve Luna who was one of the particulars in the original post.

    Petra also was involved in a smoking hot trib matches , also ny Trib Girls , #0244 against Denise.