Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Nice Piece Of Beef

A fellow Blog reader took the trouble to look at a quite old post and make a comment about a remarkable scene between April and Athena. As I do have that footage, here it goes for the pleasure of strong and sexy combat women fans.



  1. Wow - that is the finest double bodyscissors I have ever seen. Bea Goffin and an European FBB also had a great one in the Trials but this one, yikes.

    The only thing better than a double bodyscissors? A double headscissors of course :)

  2. Another great double body scissors I saw was a nude match between Ariel X and Winona where after being locked up like that for a while, both mutually went for the others private parts with their fingers ... :>0

  3. Thank you so much for posting this ! I'm the blogger who mentioned this segment of the match between these two. That's very kind and generous of you.

  4. Premier is the perfect name for this video company. Only the most attractive women bodybuilders and fitness stars need apply. It seems that these women take to head scissors, the same way ducks take to water. Tom Jackson has had his trapped in between the shapely legs of Joanne McCartney, Raye Hollitt, Hannie Van Aken, and Toni Dee to name a few.

  5. Can you imagine Marie Mahabir and Joanne McCartney, in their primes,locked in this hold ! Enough to take your breath away !