Monday, January 18, 2016

All Over The House

I do not know for how long they have been around but I took notice of Underground Girlfight Club very recently. The catfights seem quite real with common looking girls battling each other with hearty enjoyment. The producer likes to vary the scenario using living rooms, kitchens, dorms and even basements as combat settings. 

There are good moments in their tapes as you can watch in the selection below. However, there are downside scenes (for my taste) in several episodes as such as fighters tied by chains, others clad as clowns and creative ideas that do not work.   


A final note: the original videos have much better image quality.


  1. Always amazed me when I'd see a Crystal Film clip like these of this producer of girls having a real, set-up fist fights and allowing it to be filmed and sold. I always wondert where the hell they find these girls and even more , who convinced them that this was a 'good idea', LOL. These girls must be fighting for bail or drug money ... pretty sad.

    Sure, I'm a female wrestling fan but there's a big difference between this stuff and say, Foxy Combat, Fighting Dolls, Les Femme Fatale, etc.

    Oh, and nice basement, huh :>) ? LOL Foxy Combat and these guys definitely have different tastes in decor in which to hold their contests , LOL

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    1. It is the second reader who complains about video playing malfunction in the last days . And both are Firefox users. No, I haven´t changed anything in my Blog settings. From my side (a Chrome and MS Explorer user) everything is ok. It is really strange you can watch videos on other Blogger blogs. I suppose every one use the same technology:storage by YouTube and playing by Adobe Flash. That is the reason you see a blank space when you access my Blog on Apple tablets: they do not support Adobe (btw, for very good reasons...). Could you try another browser? Chrome seems to be the top browser these days and it is under Google empire. Please, let me know if you could solve the problem.

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