Thursday, February 4, 2016

Extra Edition

After have viewed the post My Favorite Folder, a Blog reader mentioned the fight Anastasia Baron vs Shae Seavers in Academy ACA-018-1, where a folding pin had been used with no staging (not visibly, at least). The video was in my archive and I am posting the scene together with other good moments brought by the Bruce´s enterprise production. If I am not mistaken, the attractive located tattoo identifies Anastasia as the victim of the pin.



  1. First time I've seen an Academy match filmed in a ring or any other place than that same, cluttered room that's usually seen. I haven't seen their stuff in a long time but glad to see one of the older ones are still around, though their strap-on finishes were never for me.

  2. Thankyou so much for the video; it's a great matchbook pin. I used to watch Academy..I'm almost positive the girl applying the matchbook is Dallas and the girl trapped in the matchbook is Red. And it's a real one; towards the end you can hear Red sort of cry "Damn you" and Dallas giggles and lets her out. Thankyou