Monday, February 22, 2016

News From The (Remote) Past

I was a fan of Women Warriors (and still I am), an outlet whose products were a precise balance of real fight and erotica. That means winners were not set previously and a good amount of sexy flesh would be on display - mainly in the nude phase, that was outstanding! I posted two dozens of articles about them, spread all over the Blog.

I am always looking for missing Women Warriors footage and the one below emerged recently: W-67 Sally McNeil vs Tigra. That is the good news!

However, the bad news is this should be the most boring video they shot... It is the inevitable danger of actual combat: if the skills and power are similar, or the women are not wanting to take risks, or tired, or for whatever reason, the buyer will get preliminaries, faces, heavy breathing and not much more. From a forty-five minute fight I could hardly extract this five minutes of (reasonable) action.



  1. I didn't watch the clip mainly because I never cared for McNeil. She has a history of a bad temper and just being nasty towards opponents.

    But another match that was probably worse than this was one I got from Jeanne Hunter way back when ... I forget who the opponent was but the WHOLE MATCH consisted of Hunter getting this girl in a head lock at the very beginning and laying there the entire time ... 15 minutes or so. The girl finally gave up and THAT WAS IT ! LOL I'm laughing now but after waiting two weeks for the video to arrive snail-mail ( waaaay before downloads ) I wasn't laughing after seeing this piece of crap.

    Another popular wrestler I never cared for was / is (? still competing ?) Helen Von Mott. I remember one convention she ruined some matches because she continued to show off her new skills of joint locks and chokes on the the DWW girls. When they asked her to refrain from that stuff as the DWW girls weren't experienced in those tactics , she refused.

  2. Thanks! Two of the biggest, strongest, toughest, aggressive, meanest and skilled women wrestlers. It musn't have been easy for Sally to be dominated like that.

    WW had a unique offering - best three of five regardless of how much time it took. The Sally - Charlie Golden Kat Haynes slaughters were ten minutes max.

  3. Well, looking at the outtakes which you posted I'd say it could be an exiting match unless of course you did select the best sequences. A while back I came across a comment on Women Warriors on who could stop Salle McNeil. WE saw the statesque wrestler from New Zealand, Lisa Marie trying to stop Sally but Lisa Marie was beaten soundly by Sally. Here is Tigra, a big, strong & skilled Afro-American woman who is pitted against Sally and from this short outtake, Tigra managed to force at least 2 submissions from pitbull McNeil. It is great to see these two struggle for supremacy and I love the sexy outfit of Sally McNeil :) Oh, b4 I forget ... is Ms. McNeil still in jail?

  4. Found both videos of Sally McNeil vs Tigra ... the first & the rematch:

  5. Sally certainly had an attitude (and yes, I think she is still in jail).She wrestled Ziggy for Premier Productions (or Video Views?) in a tough match. Ziggy bodyslammed Sally to the mat and Sally came up swinging. They had to stop the match.

    Tigra beat Sally in all three matches that I know of (two for Kenstar and this one). Bea Goffin defeated Tigra once; I think that was the only time Tigra ever lost to another woman and I think Sally's only loss against a woman was against Tigra.

  6. hmmmm ... I came across a match of Sally vs Laura Vukov/Larissa for I think Joan Wise. The sequence I have a clip of is of Sally wearing a tiny leopard printed leotard being trapped in a headscissor applied by Laura. According to the brazen taunting of Laura I got the impression she dominated Sally yet I have to consider that Joan Wise matches (sometimes) were staged though ;)

  7. The Ziggy match was Premier ... I had the match when it came out as I was a big Ziggy fan. Sally acted like an ass.

    Anyone know if Ziggy is still active ?

  8. Sorry, I viewed the clip and Sally McNeil actually is KO-ed by Laura Vukov/Larissa ;)

    1. That doesn't surprise me actually, Laura / Larissa was a pretty good wrestler, was bigger and probably stronger than Sally, and had an attitude as well

    2. Interesting Sally McNeil has now been in prison 20 years for killing her husband Ray McNeil.
      Her sentence was 19 years to life. I thought there might be some news on her imprisonment but guess not.