Sunday, April 2, 2017

Another Year Has Gone By

As at every April 2nd, the Female Fighter Theater commemorates its anniversary: this time the ninth one! My thoughts are not much different from last year: I miss the old video makers, think new entrants use too much porn to "enhance" the product, very happy for the vintage footage that keeps coming back and... I will keep posting on the Blog!

Although we miss the likes of Women Warriors, Joan Wise, DWW and others, fans cannot complain: there are more than 270 sites vending stuff and informing about female combats according to my list of favorites (not to mention the increasing number of sharing sites, most of them hosted by porn outlets...).

To support my fondness for the old stuff that I could not watch on my prime and also to spread out these combats from the past millennium, I will post some favorites in nine consecutive editions, starting today.

The first one features a run-of-the-mill catfight from unknown source with two very common attributes of vintage material: blurred images and plenty of untrimmed bush.



  1. Has it been another year already? Pfffff ...

    And still going strong :)

  2. Women from that time be it porn or wrestling seemed to be proud of their Bush and happy to show it .