Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In this post of the small vs big series, we have actually a big vs bigger case. Watch Christine Rocks showing off her muscles to the audience and, later on, what Helen Von Mott shows to her.



  1. Women like Helen and Christine will be adored forever.

    Who cares who wins or loses ?

    Just seeing them compete is joy enough !

    Much Thanks $ Apprciation.

  2. Helen's so full of herself it makes me sick. We all know by now she is very skilled in BBJ but has to keep reminding herself that by choking opponents that don't know shit about BJJ.

    The debate on whether or not she should be allowed to choke opponents who aren't BJJ competitors started way back in the second WWC when she was choking DWW girls and it looks like it hasn't changed, LOL.

    When wrestling for fun and a quick buck against a girl who isn't anywhere near her ability you'd think she'd gladly refrain from the chokes, etc.

    There was no reason for her to be using a triangle choke on a girl with minimal wrestling knowledge let alone BJJ training.

    Helen has a huge ego problem ....

  3. Awwwwww Riiiiight !!! ...

    I can follow what you're saying about mixing BJJ with less (or no) experienced fems regarding that form of skill but Helen does NOT have an ego problem.

    I fully agree you have to compete on a level field but I assure you her ego is left on the mat when she competes. She's a real beauty and superb competitor who doesn't set herself up on a pedestal trying to show off some superiority complex.

    Get real.

  4. Helen knows the moves, and uses them. She's a real competitor.

  5. I disagree, Panther.

    If she didn't have an ego problem she'd be able to back off a little bit but she's afraid she might look less than invincible, even when facing someone with minimal skill like in this last video. And what is she doing performing for such a dirt-ball operation like that ? Someone of her ability and status shouldn't even be at that dump ... can she be that broke ?

    She should leave her inflated ego in the dressing room instead of having to prove to a few red-necks she's a BJJ expert and can scare the hell out of a girl who isn't accustomed to having being put in choke hold while already winded.

    Helen knows better than this ... it's just her not having enough control over her ego that won't let her behave the way she should.

    If you were to spar with a boxing champion for fun and a exibition, you think he'd try and knock you out with his best punches to prove something ? Of course not .... a champ wouldn't do such a thing ... and I'd expect the same professional attitude and behavior from someone like Helen.

  6. Is this staged or for real?

  7. Good to see a controversy, several readers expressing their opinions, that is one of the Blog features.

    However, I could not post one of the comments because it made gross remarks about the fighters. Please, if you are the author, put your opinion in more polite terms. Just suppose you are talking in person with the fighters!

    Thanks everybody anyway!


  8. Both of those wrestlers are so Hot!