Monday, April 28, 2008

My Back Is Not A Seat

The title is what the wrestler seems to scream to her foe while gets tortured on a helpless boston crab. That is a submission hold of women pro-wrestling, very common in the past, but now replaced by spectacular jumps and throws on TV shows as I commented before. I love boston crabs, though, and some of the wrestling promoters and fighters - as the one below from England whom I was not able to identify - keep giving us these lively moments.


  1. Hi there, yeah i'm also a big lover of the boston crab too, a very sexy looking hold too especially when women apply it.
    To help you with identifying who's in the clip it's Samantha v Louise from North Manchester Ladies Wrestling Club, and what a great clip this is, credit to both girls firstly for the way Samantha perfectly and brutally applies the boston crab exactly the way it should be- i.e. once you got the hold on you crouch&literally sit down on your opponents back and pull the legs back and also Louise for bravely and stubbornly refusing to submit while caught and trapped in that sexy but painful looking position.

  2. Great Boston applied properly and aggressively with no chance of escape by twisting out or grabbing ropes.Submission is the only escape !