Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Same Scene from Two (Very) Different Angles

The movie was "The Amazons" (1973) (a.k.a "The War Goddess", "Las Amazonas", "Le Guerriere dal Seno Nudo"), directed by Terence Young who loved to show sexy catfighting scenes in his work. However, nudity and sex could restrict the audience in certain markets and even to prevent movie exhibition in that period of time. The first clip below depicts the solution found by the director for one of the many female combats on the movie to appease the more prudish public.

The fight is good and one can see a glimpse of attraction between the amazons. However, the clothing does not reveal too much for today´s standards. And the lighting... well, there is no lighting at all. Much was left to the imagination of the audience.

The second version (in reality, a complete new scene shot with the same actresses) below is much better. Right in the beginning, the amazons take off their clothes and start fighting. The combat script is basically the same. However, the main difference is that now one can see the splendid naked amazon bodies glittering with the oil.

Note 1: there is a very good comment on this classic fighting scene here
Note 2: the two actresses in the fight are Alena Johnston and Sabrine Sun.

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  1. OMG!!!!! That was so sexy...Go girls, fight it out.