Saturday, April 26, 2008

You Are Condemned !!!

I know and you know too that female fighting grabs audience interested in entertainment and sexy images. (By the way, just in the case you have not noticed so far, this Blog is erotic oriented; so, if you feel either offended or uncomfortable with nudity and eroticism, please do not go further.)

Back to the subject, along the time image makers have created special ways to display female fights in appealing scenarios. For that reason - and other ones readers can add - in the 70´s and 80´s prison movies were fashionable. Dozens have been produced in the period, the majority in US but also in Europe, Asia and South America.

Low cost in general, the movie plots were very similar: an innocent girl is condemned and sent to jail where she will be victim of cruel mates and wardens. And the script in 99% of the cases included some sort of fight. My preferences, of course, were for grapplings in the shower, as the one clip shown below from Caged Hearts 2 (note that it is a sequel !).

For one reason or another, this specialty disappeared altogether from the screens.


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