Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ceiling Hold Redux

I am here again with the classic ceiling hold, this time bringing in a slide show with the best in business, including art. I am always mining images of that and I will post them here regularly.

The most interesting thing in this post and the jewel in the crown, is the only image I know of a ceiling hold with women wrestlers in the nude. The glory goes to NWWL - Naked Women Wrestlers League, the victim being the character called Ninja; I haven´t find the name of the other girl though. Considering the scarcity of such displays, the scene is good but it lacks some "angle" and "spreading".


  1. Yes I agree. This is the only example of a nude ceiling hold anywhere. I think there is big demand to see this hold performed in the nude. I commissioned DT to do this hold in DT599 Christine Dupree V Tanya Danielle but they couldn't do it properly. Tanya would look great suspended and spread. Also Crystal White. Maybe one day....

  2. Check out Dt 884 Who's the barest of them all. Tylene Buck gets Emily Addison naked and then finishes her off with a fine ceiling hold. Emily is contorted and spread with some very good close up camera work. Hope to see more of this hold in the future. There is nothing better than seeing the victim suspended and helpless for our viewing pleasure.

  3. Great Finisher.You can see by the victims desperate grab for the ropes as she is dragged into the centre of the ring that she knows whats coming.The smoothness and grace of the preperation and then a superb high elevation which makes the victim scream and involuntarily contort shows its effectiveness .A great way for a woman to score a final submission.