Monday, May 5, 2008

The Crotch View

For obvious reasons, one of the my favorites holds in female wrestling is the grapevine. And it seems that is a preference shared by many in the Internet: the clip Best Views in YouTube got more than 90,000 hits in two weeks and it is essentially a showroom of grapevines. By the way, I really do not understand how this video has stayed for so long in YouTube when images with much less erotic content have been flagged and banned.

Being so, I have decided to look at my archives for samples of grapevine holds which might be of interest. The result is the slide collection below showing some of the best grapevines I have found on the Web along the time.

The clip below is also a result from my browsing on a dozen of old CD files. The first segment is from Academy and the second from DWW.

This post on grapevines is a compensation for those who might have not liked the change of Theaters from Sexy Competitive Pro-Wrestling to Amateur Wrestling.

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