Friday, May 16, 2008

In the Raw for Real (1): Festelle

To find two girls wrestling for real is no big deal; to find two wrestling naked, more difficult, but possible; and skilled in the wrestling arts, there is a good bunch of them. But the three features together is quite rare. Usually, when a promoter announces naked fighting matches, fans will find some fantasy or scripted production that will let them disappointed.

The first case I ever saw of a real fight with two females in the raw, was the one from which I extracted the clip below. It was from Festelle, the veteran UK producer, and has put one English woman against a French one. The former was Dani (aka Kelly Hearn), the opponent was Sophie and was clear from the onset that the two did not have much sympathy one for each other. And the fight has been up to the expectations, including some blows out of the fight rules. Better yet, they were not model types but had beautiful figures.

You might have noticed the (1) in this blog entry; so, expect a number of articles on the theme, on every Friday.


  1. From time to time Festelle produced some real classics and this was one of them.Good work many thanks.

  2. Yes, that´s right. It is a pity they have got away from this style of productions.
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. In contrary to this fight, the
    others from FV 125 are not ill-
    tempered but still at least as
    intense and competitive.
    A note: Tracy's legs and butt must
    be among the most sexy ever seen!