Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fighting Star (2): Beatrice Goffin

From Belgium comes our second legend in the series: Beatrice Goffin, star of hundreds of matches and coach of many women wrestlers. She was a successful competitive fighter in amateur tournaments and was Belgian and European champion in her category.

She wrestled for Video Sports, Festelle and Women Warriors, besides her own company. Most of the time on the winning side, she had (she is still alive and well, but retired) a slim and strong body that was match even against heavier foes.

The slides show her against wrestlers like Maggie, Robin, Sherry, Lynn Marie, Nadege, Tigra and others.

I have just one video clip with a Beatrice fight but it is a special one. It is likely to be the only occasion when she fight naked - at least in public - against another legend - Lee Price. That was for Women Warriors and it was not a good wrestling match mainly because Lee was in bad shape.

The clip shows the sexier side of Beatrice besides the competitive one. Videos of her fights can be found at Festelle Video and Female Fighting on DVD.


  1. Nice to see Beatrice featured here,for a long time now I have been trying to find the outcome of her run in a few years back with the Belgian police,when she was accused among other things of child prostitution.

  2. I read something about that sometime ago, but I thought it was a scandal based only in the event she had organized where there have been some topless amateur fights.

  3. The event in question was a summer filming by the Danube Women which featured at least one woman from an african criminal outfit,they tried to pull a scam which involved a threat to expose wrong doing to the police.This failed against the people of DWW but I believe was continued against Beatrices outfit who had at least one girl taking part in the event.

  4. I've always found the ending of the Price-Goffin match fascinating. I'm a huge fan of Goffin and had never seen her so dominant. I must say it is a side that I enjoy though

  5. Yes I did like that match against Lee Price. I have often wondered if Beatrice had a few other matches like this in private...

  6. Yes I also liked that match. I often wonder how often Beatrice participated in such a bout...