Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pencil & Ink Wrestling Art

Despite the modern media possibilities brought by the Web, I am still quite fond of the traditional cartoon fight art created by skilled pencil and ink artists. I know at least a dozen of them who have produced exciting work on female fighting. And some are still active and selling their trade over the Web. I have selected three to display in the slide show below. I will publish others regularly.

The first block of cartoons in flat black and white are from Glynn, an artist who used to sell through Bellstone; the second block, with good depth and rendering, are from an artist from Argentina - Richard, whose page link is broken nowadays; and the third one, in color and quite imaginative, is from Collette, whose point of sale is the group women wrestling comics at Yahoo.

I had forgotten to mention one group in Italy that has one of the best collection of women fighting drawings: the UDTQC Femfighting Comic-Book, with lots of images.

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