Saturday, May 10, 2008

There are Wedgies and Wedgies

This post is a little longer than usual but I think it is worthwhile.

Wedgies are a fringe benefit of female fighting. Most of the times, it is an "accident" that happens in the heat of a combat, specially when the woman uses tight and skimpy suits. That appears to be the case in the clip below where the leader of LadySports Wrestling troupe, Pippa L´Vinn, got moved up and down several times by Shelby, what makes her swimsuit one or two points smaller than the necessary on the buttocks.

But in another case, there is no wrestling "accident" at all. Here we see Magnificent Mimi (see comments, please) planning and executing a full blown wedgie on her totally beaten foe (who is she?). She teases the audience with the expectation - notice the camera crew specially - and eventually delivers the goods. Fortunately, I could grab the clip before You Tube zealots flagged and have it purged away.

This thing of wedgies in women wrestling is so attractive that one well established women wrestling company started sometime ago to release productions where the main show are the swimsuits that get shorter to reveal the intimate parts. But that is a topic for another post...

Oh, I had almost forgotten: since I have found Mimi so sexy in a thong bikini, I browsed my vault to find a nice picture of her for Playboy where she is displaying more flesh. And have you noticed the champion belt over the bed? No? No problem.


  1. I don't believe that is Mimi delivering or recieving a wedgie in that middle clip. That's one of the ECW fueds (Buelah?) I think.


  2. You might be right. This clip was posted on You Tube (stayed there for a few days) and mentioned Mimi. Looking at Beulah pictures on her site, it seems she is the one delivering the wedgie. Thanks for the clarification.

  3. That is Beulau and she does the slam on Francine Fournier. Its an old ECW clip. Great clip though.

  4. ooh i love wedgies in catfights. i do hate the fact that like you said most of the time it's an accident. i wish someone would come out with a catfight website that purposefully shows off natural wedgies. even shows off wedgie picking and lots of wedgie giving/receiving. never been done before. that would be super hot

    1. Natural wedgie man, there is such a website. The name is femwars. Somehow the site seems to be blocked in my country and I can't open it anymore. There are lot of wedgies, especially the sort that can make a man nut: the piledriver wedgie. Check FEMWARS and if it is possible you can send me some of the stuffs you got.

    2. ooh thanks for the referral to femwars. i more so mean girls catfighting in panties with no stockings or leggings on and lots of sexy wedgies. you may want to check out my blog Everything Panties and Wedgies at for some hot panty wedgie vids