Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wrestling in Feature Movies

There are a few cases where women wrestling was the theme chosen for a feature movie. The best known is "All the Marbles" (1981), aka "California Dolls", a Hollywood-class production starred by Peter Falk (the detective Columbo from television series) and a pair of gorgeous makeshift wrestlers: Laurene London and Vicki Frederick.

The movie has many scenes of pro-wrestling and one of mud wrestling. The plot is totally forgettable and the attraction is the pair of female protagonists plus their opponents, two statuesque black wrestlers represented by Tracy Reed and Ursalyne Bryant. Suits are not thongs but they are bold for that time. Reviewing the wrestling scenes, I have found them pretty enjoyable.

Much lesser known is the Mexican movie "Se Sufre Pero Si Goza" (kind of "One suffers but Get Pleased"), shot in the 80´s as well, where an heroine in a sexy bikini fights a masked villain. The wrestling scenes are good and the blonde wrestler is very hot.



  1. That first movie also goes by the name of 'Bikini contra mascara'. I've been looking for it forever for that match alone! A clip is on Youtube under the title I mentioned but you have a portion of the clip where the heroine loses.

  2. The Bikini woman wrestler is very sexy and beautiful and can take a beating!