Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Black on Black

There are a good number of women interracial fights to watch on the Web but combats of a black woman against another black woman I could not find many. There were some specialized producers, like the Nubian Wrestling Association and the Black Catfighter Media, but they have closed the doors.

The first clip below is part of a pro-wrestling match of unknown source.

The second clip is from Woman vs Woman and it is a competitive match in bikinis.

The third clip is from Festelle, a competitive and topless fight from the old times.


1 comment:

  1. The festelle clip is of Sherry and Maralyn who put on a good match.The interesting one here is Sherry who I can only ever recall fighting smaller girls,the original bully girl?I do recall her putting the gloves on once and bottling out in the first round.
    Maralyn on the other hand appeared a number of times and I seem to remember her boxing nude against a blonde girl.