Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fighting Star (3): Christine Dupree

Her site is still alive, so I believe she is active yet, even being a veteran. I am talking about Christine Dupree, former Penthouse centerfold, large breasts and great attitude. She has done boxing and kickboxing in the beginning, but wrestling has made her fame.

Believe it or not, all photos below are from Christine in her long career.

Christine has done a lot of videos for Double Trouble, like in the clip below from the video where she fought against Coral.

Many of her fights have been of fantasy, or scripted, style. However, Christine has done competitive wrestling also, as in the clip below from a video produced by Women Warriors, where she faced Jacqueline. Impressive submission hold, by the way.

To finish, one photo in full body showing her good form, and a sequence of snapshots of her against Sally McNeil.


  1. That Dupree nude clip was in-fuckin' credible. She gets me so hot because she is FOR REAL and her body is fantastic.

    What I wouldn't give to see some of those woman warrior matches. Is there anyplace I can find them?


  2. Yes, Ron, you may find them at the Genesis Wrestling store here:

    I agree with you: these fights are really hot.